Easy way of performing Picasa folder missing picture recovery

Picasa is modern photo organizer program that will help you to create, edit, find, share, manage and do many more things with your pictures on computer / laptop. With this amazing utility you can instantly detect & sort all your photos on systems by creating folders. Picasa makes sure that all your memorable photos stay well organized on your system by just one click. But in spite of its perks there are downsides, as it is noticed, that some of the Picasa picture folder may go missing under some unfavorable circumstance leaving its user to with the question, how to perform recovery of missing pictures from Picasa folder?

Basically Picasa users, view all their images using Picasa tool. However, it is launched by Google for the users who love to edit and work with photos, but not able to operate complex software. This is why it has easy to operate graphical user interface and need no expertise to work with. In spite this, it is often seen that users suffer loss of pictures from Picasa. Here are some of the common scenarios are mentioned below that makes Picasa folder go missing from your computer.

Incorrect termination of application: While working Picasa on your system, there are chances that application gets terminated suddenly, due to some internal errors or because of power surge, which will result is missing of Picasa folder from your system.

User mistake: The most common reason for Picasa missing picture folder is human slip ups, as one might delete pictures from Picasa assuming that deleting photos will not affect the original images on your hard drive. And later realizing the mistake, after noticing that some of pictures deleted from Picasa, are missing on your hard drive

Use of third party software: Being a computer user you may find a need to make use of software, which is quite common. But use of unsecure tool on your system may lead some Picasa pictures go missing. One such example is running antivirus software to safeguard your system may result in deletion of photos or complete Picasa folder.

Use of system restore: At times use of System Restore option on your Windows computer without taking backup may become a reason for missing Picasa picture folder, as it undo all the recent changes made to system by restoring it to a previously set restore point and make you face data crisis.

Is it possible to execute Picasa missing folder pictures recovery?

Relax..! Recovering missing Picasa picture folder may not be that difficult with Remo Recover, as this incredible tool comes with exciting features. Its in-built scanning algorithms scan the complete hard drive sector by sector and make sure each and every missing picture is recovered from the drive. However tool comes with simplest of GUI, because of which a non technical user can also retrieve images from Picasa that are accidentally deleted, lost after hard drive corruption and went missing because of some unfriendly data disasters. “Find” option provided by Remo Recover help you in quick recovery of files with particular file type. Besides this you can easily sort the recovered data based on size, name, date and file type in few couple of minutes. Software can be makes used to retrieve pictures from hard drive, pen drive, external hard drive and other memory storage drives. By making use of its strong recovery techniques you can recover pictures from formatted, reformatted, repartitioned drives in few simple clicks.

Some features of this tool are:

  •  Retrieve data from the all types of hard drives and flash drives with ease
  • Offers an early look of retrieved Picasa pictures on all Windows versions
  • Comes with free technical support that is available 24/7

Few points to remember:

  •  one should take precautions like using power backup in order to avoid sudden system termination due to power surge
  • Maintain a good updated backup of data