A Simple Way of Retrieving Erased Photos from Pen Drives

Go through this page to know a simple and secure way of recovering all deleted images from a pen drive, external hard disk device, memory cards, memory sticks, and the like from a Windows running computer with the help of Remo Recover utility. This powerful software is one of the most trusted media recovery utilities for restoring all kinds of media files from USB pen drives. It helps you find back lost or erased images, movies and music files from all types of external memory storage devices.

Brief introduction about the software:

Remo Recover is a complete package to carry out recovery of media files for all Windows as well as Mac supported computers. It is an expert tool in recovering all formats of media files on all external / internal media storage volumes and flash memory drives. Using this tool, you can efficiently recover deleted photos from pen drive which are deleted, missing or are unusable due to any of the known or unknown problems.

Some examples of scenarios where Remo Recover can be employed:

Here are some of the commonly occurring occasions on which Remo Recover tool can be utilized in order to get important photos and other files back:

  • Files erased accidentally or unintentionally: Pictures or any other data can get deleted from any removable media storage devices such as a pen drive due to various forms of human errors. For example, deleting important contents mistakenly, getting important data deleted while performing some other tasks, and so on
  • Pen drive format and re-format: All data that is stored on a pen drive will get removed completely if you format or re-format the device
  • Pen drive malfunctions: All photos and other data from a pen drive can get inaccessible or erased on account of physical device corruption, device inaccessibility, physical damage or other critical problems
  • Improper usage of pen drives: Data from pen drives can get harmed due to the removal of the pen drives unexpectedly from a computer while accessing its contents. Also these flash devices can get damaged as a result of frequent switching between multiple computers and other gadgets

Additional benefits of using Remo Recover software:

Remo Recover tool is designed to have a simple and easily understandable user interface that helps even the basic computer users to operate it with ease, at the comforts of their homes. In addition to this, the tool allows you to scan for the erased pictures on the basis of date of creation or a particular file format such as .jpeg, .raw, .png, .gif, etc. All recovered photo files from the pen drive can be viewed from within the software’s built-in preview panel before storing them back to any safe location of your choice.