Add a PIN Lock to Windows 10 to Make your Microsoft Account Secure

The latest Microsoft’s Windows 10 Operating System is greatly powered by the cloud. Unless you are doing something specific, without internet connection you cannot do anything more on Windows 10 computer.

Importance of Microsoft Account

Over a long time, user have been using local account.  But with Microsoft account, you can synchronize settings across various devices such as PCs, phones and laptops. Here settings means web browser settings, current theme which you are using, language preferences, passwords and other general Windows settings. Recently Microsoft said that Start menu and Windows Store apps frameworks won’t roam among devices. However, if you are planning to run Windows applications from the Store you need to have Microsoft Account.

After knowing the significance of Microsoft Account, now you need to know how to secure your Microsoft Account on Windows 10 system. The most efficient way to secure your Account is add a PIN lock to Windows 10.

Is PIN lock secured to protect your Microsoft Account?

Most of the Windows users make use of password to login into their computer. When you use Microsoft Account to log in to Windows 10 system then PIN lock is a right choice. Every single aspect of your Microsoft account can be accessed once you enter password if you are using Microsoft account to log in to your Windows.

However, using PIN lock is a more secure way because it only unlock the activated device that you are using. That means, if anyone get to know about your PIN they can only access that particular device not your entire account. For this reason using PIN is worth than using a password.

Steps to set up a PIN lock to Windows 10
Follow the below mentioned instructions to activate a PIN on Windows 10:

  1. First Open the Start menu
  2. Second search for “Sign-in options”
  3. Then under PIN, click on “ADD”
  4. Now create your suitable PIN.

Once you finished these steps, you can use PIN to activate your device. But remember this PIN must apply only for the particular device you set it up on not on other devices.