Can I Recover My Deleted Photos from Windows Operating System

Nowadays, most of us prefer to use the photographic camera to capture their beautiful moments, which they have spent with lovable ones. As everyone knows that, photos play very vital role in human life to keep their memories alive. Majority of people store their significant photos on windows based machine or any other external storage device thinking they are very safe on it. However, fact is one or another day the pictures stored on these devices may get delete or lost even after taking all the precautionary steps due to some undisaster situations. Losing precious moments is heartbreaking. In this situation, many people lose hope to retrieve even a single image thinking they are permanently lost.

Are you looking to recover your lost or deleted photos from Windows OS? If yes, then how will you retrieve? Do you have any idea, in the event, if you do not know then just relax because after seeing all the photo loss problems professionals have developed one utility know as Remo Recover. By employing this tool, you can easily get back your deleted or lost photos from Windows operating system.

Before understanding the recovery procedure, you must be aware how photos get delete from Windows OS. Here are the few scenarios listed below:

Unintentional Deletion: When you want to delete unwanted stuff from computer to get extra space for storing other data, at that time, you may select some folders containing significant photos and delete it using shift + delete key combination, this type of situation leads to data loss.

Due to MBR corruption: Hard drive uses Master Boot Record that is MBR to load the OS during the boot process. In some circumstances, MBR might get corrupt due to virus or malware attack. When your computer reads the infected MBR, the virus instructs it to run the code stored on several locations, after executing this virus makes the entire hard disk memory inaccessible. This type of situation leads to huge amount of data loss.

Power surge: If power fails frequently when hard drive is performing read or write operation, this type of situation might affect hard disk sternly. Aside to this, system gets abrupt shutdown due to continues power fluctuation may cause bad sectors on hard disk and leads to data loss.

In addition to these, there are few more reasons responsible for photo loss from Windows operating system such as unexpected system shut down, hard drive crash, due to bad sectors, accidental formatting, interruption in file transfer etc. If you want to get out from this problem easily then just empower this tool to recover photos from Windows operating system.

Ultimate Features of Remo Recover for Retrieving Photos from Windows OS

Remo Recover software is capable to recover photos from formatted, reformatted, corrupted partition and re-partitioned hard disk in safe manner.

Industry experts has designed this utility with powerful built in algorithms to scan the entire Windows based machine within short span of time to reclaim deleted or lost photos.

The tool even has the capacity to rescue music deleted from iTunes effortlessly.

The software is compatible with all versions of operating system like Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc. to revive deleted photos utmost ease.

The application even performs signature search to recognize all types of files like video, audio, movie files, text files and other vital files based on their unique signature.

Even you can restore deleted RAW image formats supported by professional DSLR camera by employing this utility.