Can You Recover Deleted Videos on Android Phone?

Is it possible to get back deleted video files from Android phones? Yes!! One can easily retrieve deleted videos and other data from Smartphones without any trouble. Before knowing how, let us glance at few facts behind deletion of videos on Android.

Android Smartphones are the ever best phones that work similar to a pocket computer. Unlike normal phones, these Android gadgets can be used to access emails, download and install software for multiple purposes, make video calls (3G) with front facing camera (FFC) and so on. Even though these phones have multiple outstanding features, users still face problems like data loss under many circumstances.

Among various data loss situations, deletion of files is the commonly faced catastrophic situation. Since users store various memorable moments in the form of videos and pictures on their Smartphones that have high picture quality, it is obvious to feel annoyed when any video is accidentally erased from it. Various causes for video file deletion on Android phones are listed below:

  • Unintended deletion of video files instead of useless files while cleaning up all unwanted data from phone
  • Abrupt termination of phone due to low battery or some malfunctioning conflicts while playing any video may sometimes cause missing of that file
  • Formatting Smartphone’s memory device on which loads of files are saved will also render deletion of video files along with other data
  • Using the memory device of Smartphone on different gadgets to save data can cause deletion of video files from it

In all these instances, if anyone asks can you recover deleted videos on Android phone then, definitely say yes!! Because until the Android’s storage space is overwritten with new data after file deletion process, you can retrieve erased files with very simple process.

Restore erased videos files from Android Smartphone here:

With the use of eminent Android recovery tool such as Yodot Android Data Recovery, one can successfully bring back videos and other file types deleted from Android phones. The tool is efficient enough to rescue files like pictures, songs, application files, settings and other crucial data from major Android OS Smartphones. This software is proficiently suggested for data recovery from Smartphone of popular brands such as LG, Sony, HTC, Samsung, Micromax, etc. with not much time. The software can be utilized on different Windows OS based computers like Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 2008 and Windows 8.

Guidelines to regain deleted video files from Android phone:

Click this URL to download Yodot Recovery for Android and follow the instructions to install and run the utility on your Windows OS based desktop / laptop. Then along with memory device connect the Android phone from which video files were erased and let the system detect the device. Further, when the system detects the Smartphone, select UMS mode on phone to connect it. Next, select “Deleted File Recovery” option and proceed. The software scans both internal and external storage media on Android phone and lists out all recovered files from it. Have a look at the files from Data view / File type view window. Then specify any destination location on system drive and save the selected restored video files by clicking on Save.