Common Data Loss Causes and How to Avoid Them

Most of the business people, as well as common users, take necessary steps to back up their important data from their computers but still end up in losing their crucial data files from their PCs. This is because they are unaware of the simple ways by which data can be destroyed.

Now, let us know what are all the possible causes behind data loss from users’ desktops or laptops one by one in detail and how to prevent them?

Forgetting or failing to take data backup:

One of the most likely reason due to which many companies lose their data is they don’t have in place sound backup procedures. It includes both physical and cloud-based storage procedures. Actually, these two storage data backups are extensively inexpensive, when compared to the possible harm from losing data.

It is always better to use multiple types of data backups that are automated. It is not good to expect employees to take data backup on their own, instead, you have to institute automation, which takes any choice out of the equation.

Cloud data backups will protect all your data across all devices help employees from storing the data on their own laptops, pen drives, or other storage devices. Companies can lower their risks as theft or loss of the devices by removing these devices and implementing cloud data backup concept.

Failure of hard disk drives:

Lost File RecoverIn spite of cost-effectiveness and prevalence of cloud data storage, most of the employees and business people still produce and store their information on their local machines only. And the computer hard drives can crash and may fail at any time that leads to huge amount of data loss, if not backed up with cloud storage concept. Major setbacks for the failure or crash of hard disk drive is that power supply malfunction, usage of the same old hard drive, as the aged hard drive can fail at any time, etc.

However, one need not be panicked, when data loss happens due to many reasons. Because, by using the free download data recovery software from Remo, it is possible to recover the lost or deleted information files from any machines in a hassle-free manner. This software works well after all data loss scenarios happened on your computer. Apart from the above-explained two factors, there are some other frequently occurred reasons behind data loss, which you can see below


One should be aware of hackers, because if the hackers gain entry to your system through email or by guessing uncomplicated passwords, then they often utilize ransomware that involves containing data hostage by encrypting it and allowing the company to extract data if and only if the ransom is paid. You can lose your valuable data in such actions wherein the hackers find buyers for the actual data or else they destroy the data even after ransom money goes through.

Neglecting protocols of standard security:

In spite of warnings about security breaches, most of the companies and employees still take a lax approach for security protocols. Let us take an instance, where users still click on banner ads or email attachments from unknown senders, with both actions providing a possible conduit for hackers. Usage of poor password procedures, like using “123456” instead of using more complex password procedures for your emails application or computer can ease for hackers to steal all your confidential data.

Besides the explained four data loss scenarios, there are plenty of other factors behind data loss, and few are mentioned below:

  1. Severe virus threats can affect the machines, which do not have proper anti-virus protections
  2. Operating system malfunctioning
  3. Usage of advanced settings and adjustments without proper knowledge
  4. Formatting or reformatting the machine without having proper data backup

However, as said earlier, whatever may be the reasons behind data loss, one can make take the assistance of professional data recovery software from Remo to bring back all your lost or deleted files with much ease.