Creating Typography using Adobe Photoshop

This article will let you how to create very interesting and unique typographic wallpaper in few easy steps. Even a beginner will be able to recreate this kind of effect, and can add your own style and thought in it. I am sure you will enjoy reading and earning through this article! You will learn how to create good looking background, add lightning effects and work with fonts, sizes, colors to make the necessary places stand out! Let’s get started!

  1. Creating Background: First, open a blank document with size 1920×1200 pixels. Fill the background with color #000000. Duplicate the background layer and name it Film grain. Then go to Filter – > Artistic – >Film Grain. Apply settings

  2. Lightning: Create a new layer and name it Lighting. Then select the Radial Gradient Tool with black and white color.

  3. Adding Brushes: Download Adys grunge brushes, create new layer and brush around a little bit. Set layer opacity to 15%. Download concrete texture, place it in your document and set it to Overlay and opacity to 10%

  4. Creating Main Text: Download BEBAS font, create a new layer and type your text. I chose 350 pt size with smooth mode. Color really doesn’t matter. Name layer PEACE.

  5. Add Background Text -Important step: Lower your text opacity to around 15%. Create a new group (Layer – New – Group) and name it Words. Create new type layers in this group and start typing. Try to use different fonts and sizes. Try to avoid large spaces between words.

  6. Creating Effects: When you’re done duplicate your Words group (Layer – Duplicate Group) and merge it (Ctrl+E). Make invisible your unmerged Words group. Find your large text layer (in my case it’s PEACE), hold CTRL (Command on mac) and click on layers thumbnail. That should load it’s selection.

    Then click on your merged words layer and press Ctrl+J. If you make invisible your merged Words layer (and unmerged Words group is still invisible) you should get something like this.

  7. Create Background Text Effect: Make merged Words layer visible again and apply following layer style. Set layers opacity to 30%. Then duplicate merged Words layer and place it under merged Words layer. Then go to Filter – Blur – Motion Blur and apply following settings. Set layer opacity to 15%. Add text under your title if you want.

  8. Final Touch up: Locate your PEACE text layer and lower its opacity to 4%.

    Create new layer, go to Image – Apply Image, then go to Filter – Render – Lightning Effects and apply following settings.

    Set layers opacity to 30%, and we’re done. I also added a gradient map to one of the letter layers. Here’s final result. Click to enlarge.

Here is the complete guide on creating typographical wallpapers, images using Adobe Photoshop application. Hope you understood and will make use of this. Stay tuned to learn still more interesting concepts ..