Executing Formatted External Hard Drive Recovery on Mac

External hard disk drives are one of the most important devices that almost all professional computer users use for various purposes. This portable device can be used to maintain a backup of all important information from our Mac computers. And people usually make use of external hard drive devices in order to store their important information safe and sound. But what to do if data loss happened due to various reasons like accidental file erasure, hard drive format, virus infections, etc., despite the best care taken? Is it possible for any normal user to recover formatted data from external hard drive on Mac without any technical help and shelling out big bucks? Definitely yes, it is very much possible. Read on to know how.

Addressing a data loss situation on external hard drives:

The first thing you should do after experiencing a data loss situation on your external hard drive is to stop using the external HDD immediately and find a reliable tool to perform external hard drive recovery. This is the reason why you must have the powerful Remo Recover tool for Mac.

As you know, there are many data recovery applications abundantly available over the internet that claim to restore files from an external hard drive for all users. And amongst them, Remo Recover for Mac is undoubtedly one of the most effective and reliable external hard disk recovery utility for Mac systems that can efficiently recover formatted external hard drive on Mac. It can help basic users to recover all lost data including pictures, videos, songs, Office documents, data files and almost all valuable data from the external hard disk drive using a Mac. To begin the process immediately, just download the Remo Recover to your Mac and connect your external hard disk via USB and follow the simple instructions that are flashed on your screen thereon.

Here are the steps to recover data from an external hard disk drive on Mac:

Download the software to your Mac running computer and wait for the installation to complete. Once the installation is over, run the application and connect your portable hard drive to it and then follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: One the external hard drive gets detected by the software, choose a suitable file recovery mode from the main screen of the software to acknowledge external hard drive data recovery by the software

Step 2: In the next window, select between the types of data loss scenario that occurred to your external hard drive. The options are “Recover Deleted Files” and “Recover Lost Files”.

Step 3: Begin the recovery session by pressing the Start button and wait for a while to allow the software to start scanning the drive and retrieving contents. This file recovery session can quickly recover all deleted/missing files from your portable hard drive while retaining the original file names and folder structures.

Step 4: Once the recovery session is completed by the software, it lets you view all recovered contents from the inbuilt preview window itself. Check the contents and make use of the Save button in order to save all important contents to any location you specify.