Fix Photoshop Unexpected End Of File Error for Mac

As we all know that Adobe Photoshop is one of the most widely and commonly used graphics editing program worldwide. It’s an amazing application dedicated for the purpose of editing and designing. The files created or edited using the Adobe Photoshop application is either stored in .pdd or .psd file format. Such files are always under constant threat of getting corrupt due to several factors.

A very common error message encountered by Mac users working on a Photoshop application is the unexpected end of file error. Such errors are caused when the Photoshop application used by the mac users fails to save the header and footer details of the .psd files. Interruptions in the Photoshop application installed in the Mac OS are the major cause of worry resulting in this error. The interruptions may be as a result of abruptly turning off the Mac machine when the Photoshop application is still under use or by a sudden and unexpected power surge when the application was still under use. Mac users often get tensed and panicked when their precious PSD files are no longer accessible on their Mac OS. So here are a few tips on how you can prevent the unexpected end of file error with respect to the PSD files on your Mac OS.

What can be done to prevent the end of file error?

  • Avoid interruptions when working on PSD files
  • Avoid terminating the Photoshop application when it’s currently working on a PSD file
  • The Mac OS could have bad sectors and it’s advisable to not save PSD files on such systems.

What can be done with such files now? Is it the end of the road?

No, the solution is right here facing the question!!!! The PSD repair software for Mac is the go for and highly reliable application when the Mac user finds that his PSD files show up the ‘end of file’ error message and refuse to open up.

How this software works to fix the Photoshop unexpected end of file error on Mac OS?

This software uses the best PSD repair tool to mend the corrupt PSD files caused due to various reasons like power surge, accidentally terminating the application, an error caused by the Photoshop tool, download error etc. the software uses an advanced mechanism to repair the inaccessible PSD files to healthy PSD files which are free from “end of file” error messages.  This software isn’t limited to repairing only the PSD files on your Mac OS but can rather be extended to PDD files as well. It supports the PDD files created on all versions of Adobe Photoshop (CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, and CS6, 6.0, 7.0 and 5.5). It takes into account the color mode while repairing like RGB, bitmap, grayscale etc.

What makes this software unique?

  • Comes with an easy GUI
  • Requires only a few clicks to complete the repair process
  • Fixes the PSD files with a depth of 4, 8, 16 and 32 bits per channel
  • Compatible with all versions of available Mac versions
  • Doesn’t alter your original file when repairing the PSD files.

Steps to follow in order to repair the PSD files:

  1. Download the repair PSD software on your Mac OS. Install the software and launch it. Select the file which needs to be repaired and click on the “REPAIR” button
  2. The software then starts to repair the corrupt PSD file and when done, it displays it
  3. Use the “PREVIEW” option to preview the files after its been repaired
  4. Save the repaired PSD file which is now free from the ‘end of file’ error to any desired location on your Mac OS.