Get Back your Data from Formatted External HDD in Few Steps

Learn how to get back data from formatted external hard disk by reading this article carefully till end. Usually all computer users will be having an external hard disk that is very helpful to store large number of files. Most of us backup all our important data in external hard drives before installing, reinstalling or up grading the operating system on our computers. Yes, external hard drives are very useful in saving and backing up large number of files, as they come out with wide variety of storage capacity ranging from 250 GB to 5 TB.

Now, for an instance let us consider a situation where you have formatted your external hard disk accidentally instead of formatting your computer’s internal hard drive partition. Later when you realized the mistake, it was too late because already your data has vanished from your external hard disk. How to get back data from formatted external hard disk in that situation? Don’t worry, just relax and go through this article to learn how to retrieve data from formatted external hard disk.

Before going to know how to get back data from formatted external hard disk, it is important to know the scenarios under which we format our external hard disks that lead to data loss. They are discussed in brief below

Accidental Formatting: At times when external hard disk plugged in to our computer, instead of formatting our system’s hard drive partition, we may format external hard disk drive by mistake

Virus Infection: When our external hard drive is severely infected with dreaded virus or malwares, we may encounter with format error message like “Disk in the drive bot formatted, do you want to format it now?” or access is denied error message when we try to access the drive

File System Corruption: If the file system of our external hard drive is corrupted, then we cannot access the hard drive and again we will encounter with some error messages when tried to access the drive

Other Reasons: Formation of excessive bad sectors, error while reformatting or upgrading file system, ejecting the hard drive from the system in non-safer mode, frequent power outages and fluctuations when external hard drive in use, etc. are the other scenarios that results in data loss

All these data loss scenarios can be avoided by maintaining legitimate backup of the files on regular basis. In case, data backup not maintained and come across any of these scenarios, then it is advised not to overwrite any new files on the formatted disk, because it reduces the chance of recovery.

Software to Recover Formatted Hard Disk Data:


Remo Recover is a professional data recovery tool that recovers formatted hard drive data in few clicks. Just launch and run its free demo version, which is equipped with strong codes that is proficient enough in recovering data from formatted hard drives. After the completion of recovery process, it permits you to view all the recovered files prior saving. To save the recovered files at your desired location, you need to activate the complete edition. You can save the entire recovery process in demo version by clicking on “Save Recovery Session” button, so that you can resume with the saved session using “Open Recovery Session” option, after purchasing the tool, thereby you can avoid rescanning of the hard drive again.

Features of Remo Recover Tool:

With Remo Recover software, numerous types of files such as Word files, PDF files, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentation files, HTML and XML files, audio files, videos, pictures, etc. can be easily recovered. The files recovered with this software can be sorted on the basis of file name, file type, size, and date and even you can compress these files in order to increase the free disk space. Apart from external hard drives, it also retrieves data from internal hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, flash drives, FireWire drives, and many more devices with great ease. Moreover, it is compatible on different Mac OS X such as Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, Mac El Capitan, Snow Leopard, etc. It restores both lost and deleted data from formatted as well as corrupted drives in few clicks.