Guidelines to Recover Lost FAT 32 Files

FAT is termed as “File Allocation Table” that keeps track of all your files and helps the system to locate them on disk. FAT 32 is a file system and most commonly used in a system running Windows-based machine. It adopts 32 bytes file allocation table, which augments the capability of disk management and breaks through the limits of 2 GB ability of every partition of FAT 16. The important benefit of FAT 32 is, for example in a partition less than 8 GB, the capability of each bunch is fixed to 4 KB evaluated with FAT 16. Therefore, by this way, it reduces the waste of disk space and enlarges disk capacity factor.

Are you looking to recover the files from FAT 32 partition, which are deleted due to virus invasion? Then Do you have any idea, how to recover FAT32 files? Just in case, if you do not know, then no need to get panic as you have landed on the right place, this article provides you the complete information regarding how to get back deleted or lost files from FAT 32 file system within a few mouse clicks.

Before proceeding to the recovery steps, you must come to know few common reasons under which files get loss from FAT 32

Unintentional deletion of files from FAT 32 partition: When you want to delete some unwanted files from partition to get quite extra space for storing other vital documents then there might be chance that you unluckily selects some significant files and deletes it by using shift + delete key combination this type of incidence results in huge amount of data loss.

Inadvertent formatting of FAT 32 partition: When one of the partition is unapproachable on your system or laptop at that time you decide to format that partition for further usage. Nevertheless, unfortunately you select the FAT 32 partition and format it, which contains significant data, this type of situation leads to huge amount of data loss.

Operating system crash: Due to frequent power failure the system gets shutdown abruptly, this type of situation sometimes leads to OS crash and results in large amount of data loss.

However, apart from these scenarios there are few more reasons, which are responsible for FAT 32 partition deletion such as data loss due to reformatting errors, system crash, MBR corruption etc. In the event, if you are facing data loss from these scenarios then be clam because it is quite simple to rescue files from FAT 32 partition by empowering Remo Recover.

Few precautionary steps to avoid data loss from FAT 32:

  • While upgrading FAT 32 file system of drive of your computer, external drive, flash card etc, make sure that you have taken the proper backup of significant files. As after converting FAT 32 file system to other file system like NTFS or NTFS 5, the stuff could be completely erased
  • At least you have to scan your system once in a week to avoid virus threats
  • You should avoid installation of unsecure tool on your computer

Top features of Remo Recover!

By employing this software, you can easily rescue files from lost or deleted FAT 32 partitions. The tool is designed with built in algorithms to scan entire FAT 32 drive within short span of time to get back lost and missing data. It is potential to recover photos from formatted FAT 32 partitions utmost ease by making use of this software. Even you can make use of this utility to retrieve deleted or lost information from NTFS 5, NTFS and ExFAT file systems. By empowering this software, you can restore deleted files from different versions of Windows operating system.