How Mac Mail is different from Windows Outlook?

The two commonly used email applications include Windows Outlook, which is part of Microsoft Office, and Apple Mail, which is free with every Mac. Outlook is generally used with Exchange Server, while Apple Mail is used with Google, IMAP, and POP servers. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

About Microsoft Office Outlook:

Windows Outlook comes with an advantage of integrating contacts and calendaring successfully. Opening shared calendars is easier with Outlook and it displays HTML email messages accurately. Outlook combines many features in one application and it can be used as a one-stop email shop. Its inbox is provided with three options namely Focused, Other and Quick filter which mainly focuses on the priority of user and there is always a manual option of moving a message IN or OUT of the focused filter.

About Apple Mail:

Apple Mail comes with a straight forward design with same two column layout with a search bar. Apple has calmed down with its tried and tested menu tree. Reading emails is something that Apple Mail gets right as in Outlook full screen option is not available. Both the Mac Mail and Outlook are provided with a handy feature that they can swipe emails into trash or archive them for later reading. In Apple mail one have to attach the videos or images manually which is not an ideal option but Outlook simplifies the process and the user can link their online storage accounts to email app directly.

Overall Verdict:

Coming to overall verdict Outlook is a impressive mail app which is provided by the Microsoft for Windows OS. The scheduling feature is most useful and the way attachment is handled is truly real setup. There are some problems with Outlook like lack of full screen view or not able to setup Out-of-Office replies directly which you can get in Apple Mail. Apple still offering a stable and solid choice for its users.