How to add more File-Sharing Options using “Send to” in Windows 10?

Technology is ruling everywhere in these days, and so in the world of communication, its impact is higher. Nowadays, due to advancement in technology, email is not the only way for sharing files with friends, and others. One can tweak the Windows 10 ‘Send to’ feature to add more programs. Now, let us take real time instance of how technology has impact on email client application like Outlook

“Last year, after following the advice, I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. With the exception of Microsoft Outlook (which I hate), I am happy that I made to switch, Thank you. My query now is: When I right click on a document file, there is a drop down window with all sorts of commands including “Send to.” One of the choices is “Mail Recipient.” However, the only choice is Windows Live Mail that no longer works on my computer since the upgrade. This was a convenient feature with Windows Live Mail that would open a new email window. Now, can I add Outlook to the list and how to do it? Or else, is this the other bad features of MS Outlook?” – Mary Romano, Centennial

Well, in spite of hating Outlook, you want to add it back as an option. I won’t dwell on that. Now, let us take a look at that nifty “Send to” feature. Just right click on any file, and a menu appears, which lets you to send the file in a variety of ways – Via email, fax, Bluetooth device, etc.

Now, first let us check your default apps.

  1. First Type ‘default apps” in the Window search bar.
  2. Now, a window will open showing what are all the Apps is open for email, maps, calendar, etc.
  3. Now, if you don’t like the current default, then reset your email at this point

Then, check your default programs by following below mentioned procedure:

  1. Just open the control panel, then find “programs” and choose “Default Programs”
  2. It gives you four more places to tweak your default programs that open. If you select “Default Programs”, then scroll down till you find “Outlook”
  3. Then, you will see the options of “Set this program as default” and “Choose defaults for this program”
  4. Then, you need to follow the on-screen guide to make Outlook as default email program

But now, getting back to the “Send to” feature, you can even add or remove ways to send a file for your friend. Here is a simplest way to add more program options:

  1. Hit Windows button and “R” at the same time to open Windows Run command
  2. Now, Type “shell:sendto”
  3. Now, a window will open with all options of where you can send the file
  4. Do not see the program that you want? Find the original file, create shortcut and drag the shortcut to this folder
  5. If you want to find Microsoft Outlook, you need to hunt for the software by typing “Outlook.exe” in the Windows search bar. It should now show up but instead of clicking the name immediately (which opens the program), just right click it to find its location
  6. Now, create a shortcut by right clicking the file again. You will see the menu option of “Create shortcut”. Do that, and drag the new shortcut to the “Send to” folder.

Now, you can try it. Find the photo, document, or the other files that you want to share with your friend via Outlook. Right click and find the “Send to” and pick the new sharing feature