How to mend MOV Files on a Mac


Apple Inc. developed MOV file format that is used by the QuickTime-wrapped files to work with different types of file formats that is used for storing movies using MPEG-4 codec for compression. Before, it used to support only Mac Operating Systems but now it is compatible with Windows system as well.

Factors making MOV video unplayable:

  • When the storage device of MOV file gets damaged, then the file become unplayable.
  • Damaged firmware of the recording device causes MOV videos corruption on Mac machine.
  • When there is some codec issues in MOV video file it will not play in any media player.
  • While recording MOV video, any kind of interruption like power surge, low battery or abruptly removing SD card can cause damage to the video file.
  • Unintentionally file extension of MOV is changed while renaming the file name then .mov file failed to open.
  • Using inefficient third party video editing tool to modify Movie file causes .mov file corruption.
  • If .mov file is played on incompatible media devices, then it leads to corruption of the file.
  • Any disturbance occurs while downloading MOV videos from web or whilst transferring from Mac to some portable storage drive may cause damage to the MOV file.
  • When capturing videos using a camcorder that doesn’t have enough storage space result in MOV file corruption.

Most of you might have come across the above listed issues. If this movie files is very precious and you don’t have backup copy then don’t get desperate in such case, you can easily fix videos by using proficient Remo Repair MOV Mac, a trustworthy tool that undoubtedly repairs unplayable videos within short interval of time.

What can be done to repair MOV video files?

Suppose your videos are inaccessible and they are not playing. You cannot really predict the actual cause for unplayable videos, it can be because of any reasons that MOV not opening on your Mac OS X. Anyways drop your worries, check this page because you are having an amazing software for repairing .mov files. Remo Repair MOV Mac is the unique program by which you can fix all your damaged videos in one shot.

What are the features of Remo Repair MOV Mac Software?

Remo Repair MOV Mac toolkit can repair MOV on Mac which is severely corrupted or damaged due to any reason and you can open the videos in any player without any interruption. The program is capable of fixing different kinds of video files such as MOV, MP4, etc. in quick and fastest way regardless of its size. This utility can repair MOV files that are corrupted due to any error occurred in camcorder firmware or storage device. The wizard repairs the audio and video of .mov file, and adjoins them to make it in a playable format. It can fix Movie files that are stored on storage devices such as internal or external hard drives, USB drives, pen drives, etc. The repaired MOV files can be opened on all versions of Mac 64-bit Operating System such as Mavericks 10.9, Mountain Lion 10.8, Lion 10.7, Mac OS X 10.6, etc.