How to Recover Deleted Photos from GoPro Camera?

Learn an easy way for recovering deleted / missing pictures and videos taken using GoPro digital camera:

General problems faced by GoPro users:

“Before I get panicked, somebody please convey me that all the erased videos and pics that I shot using my GoPro Hero 2 HD camera are still recoverable. I am a king of person who is not so good at handling tech and I mistakenly erased all the movies and photos which are very important to me. The videos were saved in .mp4 file format on a microSD card with my GoPro camera and were about 8 GB size overall. So please educate me about how to restore deleted videos and all other media from a GoPro camera.”

GoPro HD cameras:

GoPro HD cameras are one of the finest companions for people on adventurous journeys – it can be taken to places and can excel where no other digital camera will be ever able to. Videos and images clicked by this shooter are nothing short of high quality.

Images or movies shot on such occasions are undoubtedly very precious to you and it is understandable that you are about to get panicked after accidentally deleting or losing all videos from your GoPro camcorder. To relieve you of your grief, all snaps and videos that are deleted from your GoPro cam are not gone forever, and all of them can be recovered by following the instructions mentioned in this article.

Performing GoPro video recovery the reliable way:

This article will tutor you to recover GoPro videos with proper usage of Remo Recover media recovery software in simple steps. Also, this is the most advanced tool to recover pictures from a particular date.

The step by step instructions to get back deleted videos and images from GoPro camera:

First of all, quit using the GoPro camera memory card immediately after data loss has occurred. When any file is erased from a storage device, all of that file’s data will still be saved on that memory itself, but it is no longer visible to the user. This is because the OS has removed the address to locate those contents from the file system, and the file’s space is marked as free available space for further usage. If you use that device, the camera may write data on it and the old files may get replaced. Hence it becomes absolutely necessary not to use the SD card if you want to execute data recovery on it.

  • Download and install Remo Recover media recovery tool on a Windows or Mac computer. (You can find the download buttons in the main page of Remo Recover – just follow the above given link)
  • Once installed, make the memory card accessible on your PC, either using a card reader or the directly camera via USB
  • Run the software to view its main screen and follow the simple on-screen instructions to complete the recovery process
  • Preview all recovered videos and other media and save them back to any location of your choice