How to recover Downloads folders on Windows 8

Windows 8 operating system is designed with a special feature namely file history that regularly backups the files which are stored in the various folders such as Documents, Music, Downloads, Pictures, Videos, and desktop. If the files stored in these folders or the entire folders are lost or deleted by any means, the user can still easily restore them.

Let’s learn how to recover Downloads folder in Windows 8 based system. But before that, let us discuss about some commonly occurring data loss and deletion scenarios.

Some commonly occurring data loss and deletion scenarios in Windows 8:

  • Folders and individual files can accidentally be deleted using the permanent delete option key SHIFT + DELETE combination, using command prompt delete option, emptying the Recycle Bin, etc. people tend accidentally use any of these options on important files that are not supposed to be erased
  • When using some third party applications such as antivirus, some files and folders will be deleted, if they are found to be suspicious by the software
  • Files and folders can be lost during executing cut and paste commands incorrectly
  • Critical errors such as disk defrag failure, power surges, etc. can cause the folder to get lost or deleted. Similarly, performing improper system shut downs also can be the main reason of folder getting deleted or lost
  • When the Recycle Bin exceeds its limited storage size, the file that is getting erased will just bypass the Recycle Bin to get permanently deleted
  • Files and folders can get deleted during performing data transfer from one device to another improperly
  • If the user is trying to create new partition or edit an existing one using some unreliable third party application, partition error may occur resulting in data loss

Steps to recover deleted or lost Downloads folder on Windows 8 operating systems:

You can now easily recover accidentally deleted or lost Downloads folder on Windows 8 by using file history option in the system. For this, user needs to maintain the file history.

First of all, you should choose the location where the file was stored earlier. Then go to home menu and choose History. This file history window will show all the folders including the ones which are deleted recently. From that, you can easily find out the Downloads folder which is to be recovered. Then select the folder and click to recover the document.  After this step, the deleted Downloads folder will be immediately restored in the same location from where it was deleted.

Another way to restore the Downloads folder is, open Start menu in Windows 8 and run Backup and Restore option. Open Settings in Windows 8 and search using keyboard shortcut key Windows key + W and click “Windows file recovery”. By clicking on “restore my files” option, you can recover the Downloads folder.

Most reliable way of restoring Downloads folder in Windows 8:

Just download Remo Recover tool on your Windows 8 based PC by using the download buttons and install it once the download is complete. Then follow the easy step by step instructions which are mentioned in order to perform recovery of deleted / lost Downloads folder in Windows 8, or any other Windows OS based computer.

Remo Recover utility is accompanied with an inexhaustible list of features that can reliably help you to restore downloads folder Windows 8 which is lost, deleted or is inaccessible due to any reasons.