how to repair your HD video file in Mac

Nowadays every smartphone, digital camera, etc. is capable of shooting and storing files in High Definition or HD format for video and images file. This type of files provides rich media, great in quality but occupies large amount of space in the storing device. These electronic devices are easy to use and easy to handle. It also provides option to save a file in more than one file format such as AVI, MP4, M4V, etc.

However, a video file is also gets corrupted due to the some of the common reason are:

  • You have started downloading of a video file from internet and the transfer is incomplete and then it is in damaged state.
  • Some virus attacks tries to modify the video file then it is damaged.
  • You had a corrupted video and by using a third party tool you try to fix it by the software. Finally it checks and synchronizes the video file but unable to do repairs.
  • Power failures of camera or system during any file transfer operation leave that video file in a corrupted state.
  • To store a captured video from your digital camera by copying or moving operation to another location in your Mac Computer. But this operation is interrupted by some situations and the state of file transfer is not done resulting file in corrupted state.

In these types of situations Remo Repair – HD video repair utility OSX, can fix all the error and make that video file playable again. A video files is in corrupted state when its header, total length of video file and other file attributes of that video file gets damaged and it is not in the state of playing it on a video player. But this powerful software will repair fix all the repairs.

How to repair a video file:

First download and install the tool from the website and execute it. On the main window, you should give a location of your corrupted video file and press “Repair” option. This software has advance algorithm which search for error which is present in this video file structure and repairs them. While the process is going on you can check the how much the file is repaired. The preview option let you check the condition of the repaired file. Once you are satisfied by this file repairing operation you can save the video with save option.

Remo Repair supports the video codecs which include: DIVX, XVID, Mjpeg, mp4v and their file formats is AVI, MP4 and MP4V. For audio codecs it supports RAW files, MP4a. Supports for MOV are also available. In Mac platform this software is available from Mac Snow Leopard version and above.

Remo Repair tool can be examined at every testing purpose of the software by the user. The demo version of this tool has all working functionality present to meet your needs. However, after you are satisfied at every level of the repairing a video file you must purchase an activated version of this software to save the file.