How to Retrieve Lost Data from Windows 7 System?

Help me!!! I have lost all important data from Windows 7 operating system during reinstallation process. From few months my system was taking very long time to boot up and when I searched for the reason, got to know that Master Boot sector was infected from boot sector virus. So taught to reinstall Windows 7 operating system, before starting the process got two options like install new(will erase all the contents) and upgrade(it will just upgrade the operating system). During reinstallation, without my knowledge I clicked on install new because of which lost the entire data present on Windows 7 system which was not backed up. Now, can I get back those data files as they contain important records related to my work?”

Yes, you can retrieve by using one of the best recovery tool called Remo Recover. For more information about the recovery process keep reading.

General reasons that are responsible for data loss from Windows 7 system

Accidental Formatting – Users by mistake performing formatting process on drive containing important data instead of other drive infected from severe virus results in data loss.

Sudden Power Failure – While modifying data or transferring files from Windows 7 to other devices or vice versa, if there is sudden power due to which system shut down in between the process causes data loss.

Operating System Crash – The Windows 7 operating system might get crashed to severe virus attack, software malfunctioning, file system corruption etc. If OS is crashed the data present in hard drive become inaccessible to users.

Defragmentation Error – Defragmentation is a process that is performed on hard drive to arrange data in organized way. During this process, if there are interruptions during this process then data loss occurs.

To defeat all the above scenarios, the best way is to use Remo Recover software. This tool has the ability to  restore data from Windows 7 effortlessly.

Attractive features of Remo Recover

  • Remo Recover is one of the optimal software to recover lost data by overcoming all the data loss scenarios on Windows 7 system
  • This software is designed with simple user interface using witch new users can install and run it easily
  • It requires only normal disk space for installation process
  • With the help of powerful built in recovery algorithms, it will perform scanning process on entire drive in few minutes
  • Apart from this, creates images on hard drive containing bad sectors using Disk option that helps to retrieve data in later stage effortlessly
  • If you come across any interruptions during retrieval process can be solved at any movement as technical team will be available for 24*7
  • Remo Recover is the best software to get back data from Windows and can be installed on different versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows Vista, Window XP, Windows 2000 etc
  • Using demo version of software users can know the adequacy in advance before purchasing it

Important tips to remember

  • Always have backup of important files
  • Avoid mistakes done without your knowledge
  • Make use of reliable antivirus software
  • Connect UPS to system whenever it is in use