New Microsoft’s One Note Transfer Tool makes Simpler to Switch from Evernote

Microsoft’s introduced a new import tool for Windows that is able to transfer Evernote and all folders into OneNote. For longtime, it was extremely frighten for many Evernote users to switch to a various note-taking application like Windows to Macintosh or Android to iOS. But, with the release of new OneNote Importer tool, made easier to switch from Evernote to OneNote with all the Evernote data available in One Note. After importing the contents all the tagged notes are separated by tabbed sections within each notebook in an OneNote tool.

One Note

4 important reasons that Evernote users must know

The OneNote Importer tool has a setting by which you can maintain Evernote tags and by using this method your content will be organized in OneNote. Here are four vital things that every Evernote consumer must know before adopting this new OneNote utility.

OneNote is purely based on Windows: Presently, the OneNote Importer tool works on computer having Windows OS. So, you can only access imported Evernote notes using OneNote on a Windows 7 or latest versions PCs.

You have to manually download Evernote notebooks: When you use Microsoft’s new note-taking application, the imported notes are not available until you download them manually from OneDrive to each device. First of all, you need to have Microsoft account to save your notes locally on the device.

Formatting difference between Evernote and One Note: The OneNote app doesn’t play nicely all the time with Evernote formatting. Few articles clipped in Evernote and then imported into OneNote look somewhat different than their original format.

OneNote fails to import complete content of Evernote: The Microsoft new Importer tool OneNote will not import everything that is in Evernote like encrypted text, reminders, digital ink or background colors from your Evernote to OneNote.

Evernote or Onenote

Some factors why to check out OneNote?

If you have not tried the service and very curious about OneNote then just using the Windows PC download the app and check it out.

The OneNote Importer tool’s freeform canvas that allows you to create multimedia notes with digital ink annotations is the only awesome feature that makes you to switch from Evernote to OneNote. You know well Microsoft is dedicated to releases regular updates and enhancements to improve their products.