Perfect Tool for Erased Partition Recovery from iMac

Partitioning allow us to store the Mac’s system files and data on two different partitions. Moreover we can run multiple operating systems or multiple versions of the same OS, from a single disk. But nevertheless, partitioning of volumes in an iMac is not so easy task to perform and if performed by some naive users, then data could be lost as well. If you are facing any such problem of data loss from your iMac, then you do not need to worry because there is an effective tool present for erased partition recovery from iMac which successfully restores the entire lost data from a partition.

About Remo Recover:hard drive

Remo Recover is very effective software to retrieve all the data lost from the partition of your Macintosh system. This utility adapts highly advanced and complex algorithm covering all the possible aspects of data loss. So data recovery from erased partition of Mac OS is surely an easy job now!

NOTE: It is recommended to the user to stop using the volume as soon as the data gets erased in order to ensure the full data recovery by using the Remo Recover program. Because over-writing of data decreases the chances of full data recovery from the corresponding Mac volume.

Special features of Remo Recover:

Remo Recover is equipped with many amazing features which classifies it different from other products for same purpose.

  • This software is compatible with all the file system based partition like HFS, HFS+, FAT16, and FAT32.
  • Also, Remo Recover is supportable on all the versions of Mac OS as well, viz. Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion etc.
  • This efficient Mac data recovery software easily restores all the files erased like images, videos, audios, and compressed and archived files and many more.
  • It provides amazing yet simple GUI to help users to perform through the recovery process. Users are guided with instructions written in understandable language at each step.
  • Data could be retrieved successfully irrespective of the reason of data loss whatsoever such as inaccessible data, unmounted volumes, formatted and reformatted volume etc.
  • ‘Find’ option is included exclusively in this partition recovery program which helps in finding the particular files on the basis of size, name, data, and file type from the list of recovered data.

Steps to recover the erased partition recover on iMac:

Remo Recover incorporates a quick recovery process which assures the execution of the aforementioned process in few steps just by hitting some clicks.

  1. Download and launch the demo version of Remo Recover on your Macintosh machine and run it. Select ‘Recover Volumes/Drives’ option from the wizard. It is to be noted that all the features are same in both the demo and licensed versions of the software except the ‘Save’ feature.
  2. Select ‘Volume Recovery’ option from the next screen in order to proceed towards the data restoration.
  3. Now you will be displayed with all the physical drives available on your iMac, select the volume from where the data was erased.
  4. You can view the entire recovered data, once the data has been scanned thoroughly, using ‘Preview’ feature.
  5. You can also make use of ‘Save Recovery Session’ option to save the current recovery state to avoid repeating the whole process in the future, if needed.
  6. Getting convinced by the outcome, you can go ahead for the Licensed version and can ‘Save’ the recovered data to your desired location on to your iMac.