Procedure to Change Router Setting

Need to change a few settings in your remote switch? Suppose, you unable to access your IP address which the router is uses. Here’s the method by which to get access. In this article, you will come to know the steps to change router settings easily.

Nowadays, it’s much less demanding to set up another broadband switch. They all accompany Wi-Fi empowered and secured. Ordinarily you’ll discover the password of Wi-Fi on a mark adhered to the router, and it might even demonstrate the user name and password and default IP address. It’s trickier for more established routers, particularly on the off chance that somebody has changed the IP address, password or you’ve basically forgotten the details.

steps to change router settingsIf you can’t get to your router by means of Wi-Fi, then connect an Ethernet link between your router and system or laptop. We are taking an example of Windows 8 here, yet the procedure is comparative for Windows 10, Windows 7 and Vista.

How to discover your router’s IP address? First, command prompt by writing command in the Start menu seek box on the Windows 8 Start screen and select Command Prompt. On the other hand, simply press the Windows key and R and sort cmd then press Enter. At the command prompt type IP-Config and hit Enter. You will see a list of network adaptor of the system connectors in your PC. Look through the data to locate the number beside Default gateway. This is the IP location of your router.

Launch web browser program in your computer and type this number for this situation into the address bar, then press Enter. You ought to now see the login screen for your router.

If you don’t see the login screen, it could be on account of the gateway IP address has been physically entered under your system adaptor settings. To check, open Control Panel and scan for system. Click on View Network Connections under Network and Sharing Center.

Right click tap on the Ethernet connector and pick Properties. At that point look down the rundown to discover Internet Protocol Version 4. Click on it and after that tap the Properties catch. Ensure Obtain an IP address automatically is chosen, furthermore Obtain DNS server address naturally. Presently once again repeat the past steps to check whether this has fixed the issue

In the event, that you have forgotten your username and password of your router, you have to reset it to factory settings. This is typically accomplished by squeezing a catch or embeddings a paper clip or pin into a reset opening. Check your manual to discover to what extent to hold the catch for with a specific end goal to reset it. The switch should be associated with the mains and turned on with the goal this should work. In the wake of resetting your switch you can take after the prior strides to associate with the switch’s administration interface.

If you can’t access to your router, ensure any program firewalls are disabled. These may be a piece of your antivirus or web security programming, or a standalone application, for example, ZoneAlarm. Incidentally impair these to check whether they are bringing on the issue. Windows’ implicit firewall shouldn’t bring about an issue.