Reason for why removable drive use FAT32 instead of NTFS

Few details about NTFS:

NTFS is the modern file system, when you install the Windows; it formats all your drive to NTFS format because Windows likes to be NTFS. NTFS has some partition size limit and also the file size limit which is theoretical large and you won’t run against them. NTFS has some modern features which is not present in FAT32 and also NTFS supports the change journal which help you to do recover when your computer gets crashes, file permission for security, hard links and some other features. NTFS works on all editions of Windows OS but perform read only in Mac and some Linux by default.

Few information about FAT32:

FAT 32 is the oldest file system among the NTFS and EXFAT for Windows, itreplace the FAT16 which was used in MSDOS to FAT32 in Windows 95. The file size in FAT32 drive should not be more than 4 GB but the FAT32 partition should be less than 8 TB. This is compactable on all editions of Windows, Mac, game consoles and Linux. You can also recover deleted files FAT32 free on your system.

In 2001 the internal drive of the Windows XP started using NTFS as default but in some removable drive like Pen Drive, USB flash drive and so on still using FAT32.

Problem with the FAT32:

Microsoft started using NTFS as file system instead of FAT32 to improve it in many ways. Let us discuss the problems occurred in FAT32 and how NTFS solve them.

FAT32 supports only 4GB individual files and 2TB partition drive, if you have the file size more than 4GB then you cannot able to save those files on FAT32 drive or if you have volume more than 2TB then you cannot able to format that drive. Instead of using FAT32 it is better to use NTFS because it has more size limit.

FAT32 might get corrupted easily on your system as it is not a journaling file system. Whereas NTFS is better file system because when writing on file if system gets turn off then you can easily recovery them.

These are some reason why Windows uses NTFS as the partition. NTFS is more robust, secure and also supports large size limit.

These are not problems for removable drives, above mentions problems are not really matters for USB drive and SD Cards.

Your USB drive or SD card will be less than 4GB so that you need not to be worried about the higher file size. Your removable drive does not need journaling file system. The journaling results in additional writers which reduces life of the drive.

In present days you can buy the storage drive which is more than 2TB but it comes with NTFS file system format in default so that we can store full amount of storage in single partition.