Recover Deleted Photos after Re-partitioning Mac

“I installed Mac operating system mainly because it rarely gets infected with the virus as I joined fresher to an IT firm and there they told me to learn about Linux. Since I was using Mac operating system from long time I was not willing to reinstall it rather planned to install Linux also on the same system. During this process, I performed repartitioning of the hard drive to create free memory space even for Linux operating system but I was not having exact knowledge of repartitioning still performed. Later, after the process got to know that I had accidentally deleted one partition that contains my picture files instead of resizing it. Now, is it possible to recover deleted images after repartition process?”

Yes, you can restore erased pictures after repartitioning using brilliant software called Remo Recover.

Repartitioning process is required whenever user want to modify existing partitions like resizing or creating a new one. Sometimes, this process may lead to deletion of files including photos, videos, audio etc due to average knowledge, insufficient memory and so on. Common scenarios that are responsible for deletion of photos after repartitioning are:

Lack of knowledge

Whenever there is necessary to perform repartition on partitions of the hard drive that contains photos to empty some space, the user should have accurate knowledge if not leads to incomplete action that might result in deletion of pictures.

Unreliable third-party tools

While utilizing third-party tools for performing repartition process on partitions where important data, images, video, audio are saved, you should check their efficiency in advance because some unreliable third party tools will delete essential images during the process without informing.

Interruption while performing repartition process

Sudden power loss, abrupt shut down of the system, incomplete repartitioning etc are some of the reasons that will not allow completing the process, due to which after repartitioning that will result in deletion of photos, files etc from Mac systems.

To defeat all the above-mentioned issues and to recover deleted photos, here is an ideal recovery tool called Remo Recover and for more extended details about software and retrieval process visit the site.

Why Remo Recover?

  • Remo Recover is best recovery tool that can be used to get back deleted images after repartitioning
  • It has the capacity to scan entire drive within few minutes
  • With the help of feature called Save Recovery Session feature, rescanning process of drive repeatedly is avoided and hence time is saved
  • Apart from this, another feature called  Find tool helps users to locate recovered files from large list of data
  • Remo Recover software can be installed on different versions of Mac operating system like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and much more
  • Users can view the retrieved images in advance before sending them to destination, using an option called preview
  • Technical team will be available for 24*7, to solve any interruptions during retrieval process faced by users
  • Remo Recover software supports all Mac products including Mac iBook to rescue deleted photos

Safety measures

  • Always have backup of essential pictures
  • Utilize reliable third-party tools
  • Connect your system to UPS