Recover lost PSD files after Chkdsk on Windows

Windows is one such operating system that allows its user to access numerous applications and various types of files like EXE, PSD, JPEG, AVI and many more.  Usually, chkdsk command is utilized by individuals to fix logical errors on Windows when they come across file system errors. The drawback of chkdsk command is sometimes it results in data loss while fixing the problems on computer.

For understanding, let us take an example to know how chkdsk leads to data loss. Many of them from normal people to professionals make use Adobe Photoshop to edit the captured images according to their wish. Normally while saving them on computer, the default file extension used is .PSD file. When they have some issues related to file system errors, they use check disk command to identify and fix those errors. While performing this method because of virus attack, sudden termination of system etc there are chances of losing PSD files. After analyzing the above problem, if you have come across issues like this don’t think much because you have solution called Remo Recover software. This is of the best recovery tool utilizing which you can get back lost PSD files in a less span of time.

Likewise, there are many scenarios due to which PSD files does missing some of them are discussed below:

Virus attack

Virus attack is one of the common reason for deletion of files, when files are infected from virus and if viruses are dangerous that will delete PSD files and makes it inaccessible to users.

Unintentional deletion

As Windows operating system supports multitasking, at times user might delete PSD file while performing other task and later they get to know those files unreachable.

Unsuccessful transfer of PSD files

There are many reasons that occur during PSD file transfer from one media to another like abrupt removal of storage device used in the process, improper shut down of computer and many more.

Why Remo Recover??

  • Remo Recover is an ideal recovery tool that can be utilized to restore back the lost PSD file in a simple way
  • Using recovery algorithms lost PSD files can be recovered at the earliest
  • The simple user interface allows less technical knowledge people  to install and use this tool
  • With the help of features like Find tool users can locate retrieved PSD files from large data list and Save Recovery Session can be used to avoid rescanning, hence time is saved
  • Different versions of Windows like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc. can take an advantage of this tool
  • Utilizing free edition of Remo Recover Windows one might check the adequacy of software in advance
  • 24*7 technical support is available if you come across any interruption during recovery process
  • Remo Recover software can be used to recover files after chkdsk of any type like JPEG, AVI, and many more