Recover PDF File on Mac

“I have created a folder on Mac and stored important PDF files on it. Yesterday morning, while deleting unwanted folders from my Mac machine, I have accidentally deleted the folder in which I have stored PDF files. I cannot restore those files from Trash Bin as I have emptied Trash Bin as well. Can anyone suggest me a way that could help me to get back PDF files from my Mac.?”

Are you among the one who faced above situation and lost important PDF file from Mac? If so then you will definitely find a way after going through this article. But before knowing how you can restore PDF files let us discuss about the situation that leads to lose PDF files from Mac computer. Below listed are few:

  • Emptying Trash Bin: Sometimes you may accidentally delete few PDF files from Mac assuming that it is of no use further. But after deletion if you empty Trash Bin then you may lose PDF file that were present in Trash Bin
  • Deletion through Mac Terminal: When you delete PDF files through Mac Terminal then it cannot be restored from Trash as deleted files from Mac Terminal does not get redirected to Trash Bin and hence makes you lose them permanently from Mac
  • Power Failure: If your Mac machine gets turned off as a result of power failure then PDF file which was open before shutting down might get lost from your Mac system

Apart from above reasons, PDF file may also get lost for unknown causes. But one may not get upset for losing files because with the utilization of PDF File recovery software like Yodot Mac File Recovery. This software has been specially built to recover files like PDF, DOC, XLS,PPT etc. As soon as you run the application, it will scan the drive in which PDF file is present and then recovers it without damaging further. Along with PDF files, you can recover generic media file formats like photos, videos etc from Mac computer. The steps to restore PDF files are as follows:

First of all download Yodot Mac File Recovery software to your Mac computer and then install it. Press here.  Once the installation process gets completed run it to start recovery. You will find two options on main screen which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”. Select anyone out of the two according to the situation you have faced. Select the drive that needs to be recovered. The application now starts scanning and then displays recoverable file types. Choose PDF files and then click on “Next”. Make your selection by utilizing two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”. At last save recovered files in a location that you prefer. But do not save it on a same location from where you are recovering. It leads to overwriting and you will lose PDF files forever.