Recover videos from formatted hard drive

Recover videos from formatted hard driveExternal HDD


No one knows what worse can happen the very next moment. Be it your daily practical life or anything related to it. Take your computer, for an instance. Suppose the hard drive of your computer somehow gets formatted accidentally/corrupted without you having any backup of it before the major mishap. But what more worse is your corrupted hard drive containing all the videos in addition to the other media files in it. That really would be one scary nightmare to happen! But if you are having a hard fate and same happens to you then still you need not worry because Remo Recover Software – Mac Edition has got your back safely. Get Remo Recover Software and know how to recover videos from formatted hard disk.

Recover your videos from formatted volume using Remo Recover (Mac):

Hard drive is a basic tool of a computer or laptop to store data. It is where all the data and media files like photos and videos are stored and can be seen within a fraction of seconds just by clicking on them.

So, despite of your hard drive being formatted intentionally or accidentally which in turn could wipe off all of your videos and other media files present in it, you can still recover and restore all your lost data using Remo Recover Software until and unless it is not over-written with the new content. This recovery tool of Remo Software provides an easy and effective way of retrieving all kind of video files from your Mac volume.

Why Remo Recover (Mac)?

Needless to say that Remo Recover (Mac) tool is very efficient software built with the latest algorithms to recover video files from formatted hard drives on your Macintosh system.  This application, moreover, has been designed in such a way that it provides a very simple and easy-to-use GUI allowing all the end-users to make use of it easily without having much trouble.

This tool works exceptionally well with all type of drives like HFS, HFSX, HFS+, and FAT. This tool not only recovers videos from inbuilt volumes but also from the external hard drive data on MAC.

Why Mac hard drive Volume fails to mount:

Few most common situations in which Mac volumes fails to mount are:

  • File System corruption: If the file system structure associated with the hard drive of the Mac Volume is corrupt then it, subsequently, leads to failure of Mac OS X in accessing the Volume-data.
  • Volume Header Corruption: Any corruption to Volume-header, being an integral part of Volume Directory structure, will lead to damage of log file information and hence makes the corresponding hard disk volume unmountable.
  • Disk Utility Failure: Any small error while performing disk management operations such as resizing, repartitioning etc. could result in unmountable hard drive.

Awesome features of Remo Recover Software (Mac Edition):

Remo Recover Software (Mac) is one robust and rigid hard drive recovery tool which enables the Macintosh users to get their unmountable Mac Hard Drives back. This tool offers a nice combination of simplicity, and simultaneously advanced recovery features. Remarkable features of this tool are:

  • Recovers data from all type of file systems, viz. HFS, HFSX, HFS+, and FAT.
  • User-friendly GUI allowing all type of users to perform the recovery operation, even for the naïve users.
  • Compatible with all versions of Mac OS.
  • You can preview recovered video files prior to their restoration.
  • Find tool enabling searching of particular files in recovered data list.