Recovering Accidentally Deleted Pages Document on Mac

Pages for Mac is a powerful and full-featured word processor for OS X developed by Apple Inc. It provides you with all the basics which are required to create any kind of word documents and allows you to work efficiently with word documents across any Mac systems running on OS X and all other supported iOS devices. Along with text data, the OS X Pages for Mac extends it support to comprise images and graphics data without any difficulty.  A Mac Pages document is saved as a Pages file with a file extension of .pages, that is almost invisible in the Macintosh system, which adds additional security of files. But if the same document in viewed in a Windows based computer, it will be visible as a .pages document but is mostly inaccessible with most of default Windows Office applications.

Data loss scenarios on Mac:

Mac OS X Pages files can get deleted in a variety of situations that are briefly listed below. Have a glance at them after which we begin to recover accidentally erased Pages document on Mac.

Pages documents can get disappeared or removed from a Mac in various circumstances such as abrupt termination of the application, having power related issues while operating the files, performing forced termination of the Mac Pages files and numerous other reasons. Find few of the most common aspects discussed which are likely to cause Pages document to get erased or lost. In the final section, find the best possible solution to restore accidentally erased Pages document on Mac with implementation of Remo Recover software.

Causes for deletion or loss of Pages documents on Mac:

  • Problems that are related to power: Power related problems such as outages, failures and other abnormalities, which when occurred while handling Mac Pages documents can cause those files to get lost or inaccessible
  • Performing forced system shutdowns: Forced system shutdowns can be caused by various factors such as power abruptions as mentioned above, or by doing hard resets
  • Handling the storage devices in an impropriate manner: Ejecting the external hard drive in an improperly manner where the Pages documents are stored, such as without powering it off systematically, or getting the hard drive contaminated with viruses, etc. can cause the Pages files to get corrupted or lost
  • Problems that are related to hardware: This scenario may include actions such as hardware failures, having bad RAMs, having too many bad sectors on a drive, case of missing volumes, and so on, which when happened can make a Pages file or any other data on that location to go astray
  • Problems that are related to software: Factors such as bad programming, having fragile or malfunctioning Mac OS X Pages app, and the like, can force the Mac computer to undergo hard system restarts, .pages file corruptions and loss

Recovering Pages document files on Mac:

In case of accidental file deletion, the deleted contents are moved to Trash folder under usual circumstances. But in rare conditions such as the Pages files are deleted using Command + Delete combinations, or using Mac Terminal, etc. the deleted contents just bypass the Trash and you will not be able to rescue them normally. On such occasions you will have to recover Mac Pages files using a trusted third party file recovery utility. You may like to make use of Remo Recover utility in order to get back all accidentally erased or lost files on Mac. Download the tool for free here: