Recovering Lost Data from your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Android phones are no doubt the top selling smart phones across the globe currently. These phones come with some of the most advanced features in them where you can browse and send emails, make a video call, get a real time update about weather, news and much more. All this makes it an outstanding operating system for mobile phones. There’s a huge competition among the android phones and currently Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola are some of the top companies which market these phones. This operating system was derived from the core LINUX operating system. The android OS is open source and being a developer you can design it to suit your requirements by customizing its user interface.

These smart phones come with a huge internal memory and its users can still opt to expand it by using SD cards which act as external memories. Unfortunately, android phones are not free from data loss. They often hang and become unresponsive because of various logical and user errors. For an android user, losing data is quite annoying as it contains interesting as well as important user data such as documents, pictures, videos, songs and lot more. Relax! There’s nothing to worry about… Using the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini recover software, the process of data recovery for Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is just a few clicks away.

Scenarios for data loss on your Samsung Galaxy S4 mini:

  1. Virus infection to the file system caused when connecting your device to any virus infected system.
  2. An interruption caused while transferring files from any connected system to your android device.
  3. Unauthorized access by any third party application installed on the phone can damage the existing system.
  4. Abruptly or unsafe removal of SD card when it’s in use.
  5. Restoring factory settings which may delete files from your android device.
  6. Accidentally formatting the phone memory or SD card without having a backup of important files.

The Solution:

Using this recovery software to recover the lost files from your Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is an effective and most efficient way to retrieve lost data. Its has a user friendly interface which is quite easy to follow. No matter how serious the data loss on your phone currently is, this software gives the most efficient result compared to other software’s available since it was developed by some skilled professionals and makes use of some advanced recovery engines. It’s compatible with most of the windows operating system and can easily connect to any windows PC to recover the lost data on your phone.

The recovery functionality this software offers isn’t just limited for Samsung Galaxy S4 mini but can be extended to retrieve data from all other android devices from Samsung as well as other leading android brands. The recovery engine can recover all leading android files which include .apk, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .mp3, .mp4, .docx etc.

Steps in recovering the lost files from your Samsung Galaxy S4 mini:

  1. Download the recover for Samsung Galaxy S4 mini software on your PC and install it. Launch the application after the installation is complete.
  2. Using the USB cable, connect the android device to the PC and selects “USB Mass Storage” option on your android device.
  3. Wait till the PC recognizes the connection with the android device and select “recover deleted files” or “recover lost files” based on the level of data loss which has occured.
  4. The software begins the scanning process after clicking on the “Next” button.
  5. After the scanning is completed, clicking on the “Preview” button lets you to preview the recovered data.
  6. The recovered data can be viewed in two different views available i.e., “File type view” and “Data type view”.