Repair AVI Files on Mac using Remo Recover

“Hi friends, recently I downloaded some of the AVI files from internet and saved in my Mac system.  After few days when I was trying to open those AVI files on my Mac system got corrupted. Can anyone guide a best tool to repair corrupted AVI files on Mac system?

Surely, you can repair all your AVI files on Mac system with the help of user friendly tool called Remo Recover, which quickly scan and fix all your corrupted files in reliable manner.

An AVI stands for Audio Video Interleaved file is a sound and motion picture file that conforms to the Microsoft Windows Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) specification. AVI files (which end with an .avi extension) require a special player that may be included with your Web browser or may require downloading. It can also be seen with VLC Player,  MPlayer, KMPlayer. Instead of having all these features AVI files get corrupted on Mac system. Give below are some of the issues in which AVI files get corrupted

Sharing AVI files:  when user is trying to share AVI files in secured network causes corruption of   AVI files due to the changes done on head or tail portion of the file

Interruption in downloading: While downloading AVI files from internet due to poor internet connection or power failure causes corruption of AVI files

Un -supported Media player: Many a times, user might unknowingly play AVI files on un-supported Media player causes corruption of those AVI files due to vary in its file format

Importing AVI files: Regularly transporting AVI files from Mac system to Windows system might come across with damage in AVI files

Compressing AVI files: While transferring AVI files user might prefer to convert them in compressed file format causes corruption/ brokerage of AVI file

All the above mentioned issues can be solved with the help of remarkable tool called Remo Recover, which can repair AVI files on Mac system in more effective way.

Why Remo Recover repair tool is used to fix corrupted AVI files?

  • A severely corrupted/ damaged AVI files can be repaired in quick span of time
  • It as ability to fix AVI files on Mac like both audio and video streams parallel in few simple steps
  • Effectively fix and smoothly play AVI files which are un-able to play
  • It also helps in fixing other AVI file format like DIVX and XVID video files
  • Its responsive and detailed user interface helps in repair AVI video on Macintosh machine like Mac laptops, desktops etc
  • Well matched to mend broken AVI videos on flash memory cards, external HDD, USB drive, etc
  • Works exceptionally well on all Mac OS X versions like Lion, Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion, etc to repair AVI files on Mac
  •  Preview option helps to view repaired damaged AVI  files on Mac system before savings to its destination location
  • Also to restore data from formatted FAT32 recovery

Useful Tips to repair AVI files on Mac

  • A updated and legal anti-virus is used to protect suspicious programs and data
  • Make use the media player which always supports AVI file format
  • During downloading of AVI files a UPS power backup must be used