Restore FAT32 Partition after Format

A hard drive format action is designed to completely erase all existing data from that drive and restores all preferences to initial values. No matter if the hard drive is partitioned with FAT16 / FAT32, NTFS or any other file system, the drive format process and its outcome remains the same. There may be numerous reasons for any user to format a FAT32 partition, but the main rule before formatting any hard drive containing data is to backup all important data to any safe location. However, if you did not feel the need to do it or were not able to do so due to any restrictions, you can still get back all deleted data from a formatted FAT32 partition. Read on to know how.

There are a handful of data recovery softwares that can actually recover all data from a FAT32 hard drive which is formatted using full / quick format option. Remo Recover is one such application that can effectively recover formatted FAT32 hard drive’s contents. Read on to know how this software works for performing data restoration after formatting a volume. Also, get to know the various situations where you need to format your hard drive or when it gets formatted.

How is it possible to restore data after formatting a FAT32 partition?

A format action completely erases off all data from that volume and restores all preferences to initial values. But all those contents still remain on that volume even after full format is performed. This is because, after a format is performed, only the pointers that point out to the location of the sector where the data is stored is removed. Hence, the Windows operating system asserts it as empty volume despite as it becomes invisible to the operating system. A profound data recovery utility such as Remo Recover has the capability to detect such contents and make them accessible to the Windows operating system.

Why Remo Recover utility is the best option to recover data after FAT32 partition format?

This software is equipped with all the advanced mechanism that is required to perform all kinds of data recoveries on all platforms. It is very reliable as it lets you view the recovered items in advance before saving them back only by using the demo version of this tool. All you have to do to perform data recovery after FAT32 partition format is, download the trial version of this software and install it on your PC. After completion of the process, you will be asked to preview all recoverable contents to check if all data is retrieved. After that you can choose to avail the full version of Remo Recover to save those recovered files to any desired location.

Other occasions of data loss where Remo Recover can be employed:

  • Accidental file erasure: Accidental or unintentional data deletion is one of the most common causes of data deletion on all platforms
  • Viruses and Malwares: A hard disk drive is home to large volumes of important info. If virus or any other malicious softwares get in to the hard drive, it can cause destruction such as data deletion or corruption
  • Data loss due to device malfunction: If the hard drive malfunctions or get corrupt due to any reasons, data loss could occur on that drive