Restoring Data from Crashed External Hard Disk in Mac

seagate external hd“I have a problem with my Seagate 500GB external hard drive having ExFAT file system. From past 6 months I did not receive any errors but whenever, i plugged it into my iMac, Mac Finder cannot accept the drive, it does not show it on the Computer. I tried many times a pop up message comes stating “restore windows” and 8 minutes after it the computer stops responding it freezes. Force shutdown or reboot the system is the only option left to me.

On checking the external hard drive with disk utility, it is showing the failed disk had occupied 80% of storage space while files and folders it shows them only “0” file names”.

Hey there! With Remo Recover – data recovery software for Mac, you can recover your critical data that are stored on your failed external hard drive. Right now due to ExFAT file system or new system updates or some other reasons your hard drive is crashed. Hence you are seeing on this corrupted file systems with file names beginning with “0”.

Perhaps you have not noticed that Mac OSX 100% supports journaling file system as it is fault-resilient because logs are maintained for every file records. It also provide limited support for other file systems that’s why your external hard drive survived for almost half year.

Steps to recover crashed external hard drive

First and foremost to fix the issue with filenames starting with “0” by formatting your hard drive with a file system.

Don’t worry your files will are safe. Then install and run the Remo Recover software, Click for “Recover Volume” and select the disk from which you want to recover the files. The scanning will be complete quickly, after it select and check the files that you want to recover. Finally with “Save” option you can restore them to another location.

Salient Features

With built in deep scan algorithm it finds all the missing files in the lost files from lost volumes and by “Find tool” this software scans the lost files by their unique file signatures. You can view recovered files in group by their file properties or with hierarchical view system .This software supports HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 file system on Mac OSX. It is available from Mac OSX Snow Leopard to recent stable version of Mac OSX EI Captain. This piece of software also comes for Intel and PowerPC based Mac platform, with its universal build you can install it on either of the platform. Thus this is an ideal tool to restore data from a failed hard drive on  Mac machine.


In your case while quick formatting is not going to erase all the contents of the external hard drive. It is just removing the records of all the files from the file system table currently present on your external hard drive and making it available for the computer to store other files on it.

Sometimes operating system updates also modifies the system files and before making any changes to the system just backup your important data.