Retrieve Deleted Data from Sandisk Memory Card

“Hello friends, I am using 32GB sandisk memory card for my digital camera. It is showing an error message when I connect the card to my windows system. It has prompted me to format my sandisk memory card. So in order to make my memory card accessible I formatted it, forgetting about the fact that formatting will erase all the data in the memory card. Unfortunately, I don’t have backup for the formatted memory card. So guys could anyone please suggest me a solution to recover my deleted pictures and videos from sandisk memory card. I hardly want my pictures back Thanks in advance.”

Sandisk is the leading American based company, which manufactures memory cards for digital cameras, smart phones, camcorders etc. In addition they also manufacture USB pen drives. Most of the people use sandisk flash memory cards for their DSLR’s external storage purpose.

It is quite common that people lose their data from memory cards in many situations like accidental file deletion, abrupt system shut down or power failure while transferring files to your computer from memory card or vice versa, virus affected systems etc.

In all the mentioned scenarios you can rescue your lost files. Normally, when you delete an image or video from a memory card, or you formatted the memory card, the file may be deleted physically but technically it exists in the memory card itself. Because, the reference of your data is not deleted from your system until it is overwritten with another new file’s reference.

The system just deletes the entries of files and marks that particular space as free so as to store new files. Once the deleted file’s space is used to write another file, the data is completely destroyed. In such situations, no recovery software can recover your files.


So as soon as you realize that data loss has happened to your sandisk memory card, better stop using it. But it is good to maintain the back up of your data always to avoid data loss situations. If you wish to recover deleted pictures from sandisk memory card then Remo Recover is the best software.

Remo Recover Software is a professional data recovery tool designed to recover data from variety of external devices like hard drives, flash drives etc. This software also recovers lost data from Mac OS.

Download the demo version of Remo Recover Software, it scans your entire hard drive and shows the hierarchy of your deleted files. Once the scanning is finished then you are able to preview the lost data. The entire process will go in very easy steps. If you are sure that your lost is been retrieved then can go for a licensed version which gives you full access to your recovered data so that you can restore all your files.

Remo Recover software recovers deleted or lost data from all kinds of memory cards like SD, XD etc, hard drives, pen drives, flash drives etc. Many think that these kind of tools take long time to complete the process. But in our case it a myth, the fact is that the tool takes a very little time for data recovery process.

So the solution for your lost data is very simple now. Just download the free trial version of Remo Recover Software, preview the files which you have lost and finally save them in your system.

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