Retrieve Missing Files from Windows 8 Partition

Partition is nothing but of dividing disk into several parts. By using this partition you store various kinds of data on it. Since each partition will work like a separate disk, there is no confusion for storing data.

Nevertheless, one or another day partitions may get lost or missing due to various reasons like virus attack, inadvertent formatting, unintended deletion, etc. Such scenarios can be overcome with Remo Recover software to retrieve lost windows 8 partition. Whatever may be the reason, this award-winning tool aids you to rescue missing files from Windows 8 partition within a couple of minutes

  • Human errors: Many a times, user might accidently click on delete option, while copying file from system to external device, results in loss of entire data present on it
  •  Improper De-fragmentation: Some times, users prefer to defrag their hard drive to access information in a faster way. Any sort of errors while doing this process or improper defragmentation can result in loss of files
  •  Upgrading OS: Sometimes, while upgrading the Windows 8 OS on your system as result of severe abrupt bugs the whole drive might become inaccessible which in turn leads to data loss
  •  Other scenarios: Sudden power failure while copying files on Windows 8 PC, inappropriate partitioning of the drive, improper use of cut and paste option, registry errors and some other scenarios will end with data loss.

How Remo Recover helps to get back missing files on Windows 8?

This tool is flexible recovery software that rescues all types of files from any sort of storage devices like thumb drive, USB drive, external hard disk, FireWire etc. The sole feature of this utility is it’s built in algorithms, which scans the entire hard disk with high speed to retrieve missing partitions. By making use of this program, even you can regain deleted RAID, RAID0 and RAID1 partitions. It helps you to rescue deleted partitions from different types of hard drive such as SATA, PATA, SCSI and IDE. The utility has the ability to identify about 300 file types without any difficulty. Sometimes drives get deleted or lost while repartitioning of hard disk that is removed or adding a new partition, resizing etc. can be regained using this software.

Remo Recover is the award winning utility because it supports a wide range of hard drive brands some of them are Buffalo, Apple, Dell, Hitachi, Toshiba, HP, Transcend etc. to restore partitions that are missing or inaccessible. The most important and benefit of using this application is, one can easily retrieve missing files from Widows 8 partition, without having technical knowledge about it. This utility has the capability to recover different file formats like MOV, ORF, ZIPX, 3GP, SR2, CRW, VSD, AIFF, FLA, ZIP, DOCX, FLC etc. It even supports the recovery of missing files from system; refer this URL for more information

Few Precautionary steps must follow to avoid missing of data from Windows 8

  • Must scan your system with updated anti-virus tool, atleast once in a week to get free from virus attack
  • User must maintain the back-up of the precious data on other storage devices
  • Before copying or retrieving data from external device, check whether that device is free from virus or not
  • Before shutting down your system, you must close all your application avoid downloading videos, documents, movies from insecure and un-trusted sites