Retrieving Data from Windows 8 Partition

“I have recently installed Windows 8 in my laptop. During the installation process I went through certain commands which I was unfamiliar with. So, I didn’t know what actually went wrong as after completion of the installation process, when I checked for data on my drives, I couldn’t find any. When I clicked on the partition it says that partition has not been formatted, please format it. What to do now? Has something serious error taken place or can I breathe easy? Please help, I have to complete some task urgently using data present on the relevant Windows 8 partition. Thanks!”

Reading from the above act, it is best advised that if you are unfamiliar with something then ask others who have good knowledge about it or just find the appropriate solution using Google search engine. So, what done cannot be undone, so it’s best that you take a look at the data recovery products available in the internet to perform Windows 8 partition recovery?

It is better that we look into some of the reasons that cause loss of valuable information from the partitions:

Formatting: Sometimes user may accidently format his logical drive during the Windows 8 partition process which removes entire list of files and folders that were saved in it. Just check in the drive twice before clicking on the format option.

Virus Infection: Virus infection can be one of the major reasons that lead to loss of data from the Windows 8 partitions. This virus / malware programs corrupt the file system of the logical drives, hence making them inaccessible.

Boot Sector Corruption: Boot sector is the place which keeps MBR and partition table, which are most required when the system boots. So, if the boot sector gets corrupted there are many chances that your Windows 8 partition may get damaged and hence system fails to boot.

Data Retrieval from Windows 8 partition:

Need to get out of the scenarios and have your data safely stored then it’s recommended to install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool in a healthy system. Once the installation process gets completed, follow the simple procedures that will guide you through the data recovery process. With the inclusion of best recovery techniques, data rescue from Windows 8 partition can be done without missing even a single file. Apart from restoring data from Windows 8 partition, user can also extract data from other versions of Windows OS like Windows 7, Vista, XP and others.

Simple guidelines that can be followed to retrieve data from Windows 8 partition:

Click here to download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool. Install it into a healthy system and then proceed to launch the application. Connect the hard drive from Windows 8 partition into healthy computer where hard drive recovery application is installed. Follow the onscreen steps, click on Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery or Partition Recovery option. In the next screen click on the drive from where data has to be rescued and then proceed to next screen where you can select the file types that have to retrieved. Hit on the Next button that will start the recovery process. As soon the scanning process get’s completed, you can preview the files in Data View or File Type View basis. At last select the file that has to be saved on the destination location as available to host operating system user.