Software for mending damaged MOV files in Mac OPERATING SYSTEM

Yesterday my brother and I were enjoying a film on our Mac system but a surprise power outage caused the machine to terminate in a unsafe means. The power was restored in a while but later I restarted the system but I was shocked as I discovered the QuickTime player was not able to play this MOV file anymore and shows an error message. I have no clue what’s wrong regarding the MOV file I used and I would like to see it playable again. Perhaps there is something which could assist me with this particular thing?

Don’t get annoyed; this is really a case in which your MOV file is damaged as a result of power outage and there’s also a way to fix your file as well. The reason for this is because of the fact that this file was under use during power outage and was in playing mode. There’s practically nothing to get worried, by utilizing a reliable application like REMO Repair its an easy task for repairing damaged MOV files on Mac. This isn’t just how the MOV file gets damaged; let’s take a look at issues which ends up with similar circumstances.

Causes with regard to MOV file corruption:

1. Always click on “Quit” or perhaps “Close” option when you need to terminate the QuickTime after utilizing it. Unsafe closing may cause damage.

2. Abruptly turning terminating the Mac machine when MOV file remains to be under use.

3. If the MOV file isn’t completely downloaded, it may get corrupt. This generally happens if you have an interruption when MOV file is being downloaded.

4. By keeping MOV files on hard drives which in turn possess bad sectors, you will find there’s high chance of files getting destroyed or infected. As a consequence of this, the QuickTime player cannot play all of them.

Precautionary Actions:

1. Stay clear of interruption in the course of MOV related download.

2. Use dependable application in order to compress the MOV files.

3. Make sure you do have a backup of most of your files on a reliable storage device medium consequently in situations of crisis this may be a ray of hope.


Regardless to exactly what extent your MOV file is ruined, this software is best recommended application for fixing MOV files. This application is created by experts and utilizes a simple user interface and allows anybody to work with it. This is the greatest tool intended for mending  damaged as well as corrupt MOV files which is capable in repairing files that have been created using a number of top marketing camera makes like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Kodak, Samsung and many other. This tool is additionally capable to repair MP4 and M4V files along with MOV file repair. This software works with almost all of the Mac operating-system versions including Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard as well as Snow Leopard. In case you face any kind of glitches when using this software to repair MOV files on the Mac OPERATING SYSTEM then visit this web page link to get alternative remedies.

Striking feature of the repair application:

1. Repair your MOV files that abruptly get terminated by cameras as a result of faults inside their firmware.

2. Supports huge size M4V, MP4 as well as MOV file repair.

3. It comes with a automatic fix option that separates away the audio as well as the video streams after which it combines both to generate a seamless video clip display.

4. Lets one to preview his repaired MOV file prior to saving the item to virtually any desired location on the Mac OS.

Supported Codec’s:

1. Audio: RAW, sowt, mp4a

2. Video: mp4v, avc1, mjpeg