Software to Repair Corrupted Zip File

repair corrupted zip fileOne or more files are used to compressed and form the Zip file, so that it acquires less memory. Converting into Zip file not only helps in memory but can easily transfer through internet with higher bit rate. Nowadays as technology is improved, the files are made into Zip file format. So that it can easily send and receive through the network, but sometimes while converting there is a loss in bits that might lead to corrupt or damage the file. There are various reasons from which the corruption occurs such as virus infection, system shutdown, CRC error, Power failure or partially downloading Zip files and many more.Repair Zip files:

Remo Repair Zip file software is used to fix all the problems related to the Zip files and it is effective enough to resolve all the issues generated by Zip file format. This tool is designed for testing, repairing and processing damaged, corrupted or unusual Zip archive files. Use the mentioned link to download and run the software to produce effective results

Steps to download install and run the software:

Download and install Remo Repair Zip file application on the system to fix Zip file format. First step is to launch the software and from the displayed screen select “Browse” button. Then you will see Repair progress screen from which “Repair” button is selected. After completing whole process the repair tool would display Zip file with an option of “Preview” button. Now you can save the files on your desired location using the option “Save”.

Some features of Remo Repair Zip file software:

  • It is capable of repairing large files i.e. more than 4 GB
  • Application can fix any format of Zip file which is stored on any storage device.
  • Repairs all types of Zip files and supports different bits of Windows operating system such as 32bit or 64bit.
  • It gives an option of “Preview”, to view all the Zip files before purchasing the software.
  • Software can fix the problem related to CRC errors.

Scenarios from which Zip file gets damaged or corrupted:

  1. While extracting the Zip file, if the file is compressed with larger files then the chances of losing bit becomes high and extraction error would be displayed.
  2. If the download of the file is incomplete, then the Zip file cannot be open and might generate fatal error.
  3. Sometimes the malware or virus affects the Zip file in such a way that the files cannot be open or accessed.
  4. When you are extracting Zip file and suddenly you choose to shutdown the system then the file gets damaged.
  5. While transferring Zip file from one device to another and in between interrupting causes corruption.


The trial version of Remo Repair Zip file software is technically similar to the activated version, except that “saving” of repaired and recovered files is disabled. To enable “saving” functionality, Application needs to be activated to complete the repair process.