Steps for Maintenance of External Hard Drive

In most of the cases, it is found that no one cares about the external hard drive until something goes wrong. But it is good to take care of portable external hard drive so as to avoid hard drive failure. Let’s see few points to know how to prevent external hard drive failure:

Run CHKDSK: It is the most useful in-built tool in Windows to fix the errors in external hard drive. You just need to Run check disk. In order to run CHKDSK, follow given steps:

  1. Open Command Prompt on your computer.
  2. Type chkdsk C: /f where you can change drive according to choice
  3. Then the error is automatically fixed with the CHKDSK

Back Up: The external drives are prone to various data loss issues. Hence, it is important to backup all files before deletion or loss. In case of any disaster, you can easily replace the deleted or lost files of hard drive with the new ones.


Defragmentation is a process to minimize the amount of fragmentation while maintaining file system. Windows operating system allocates available open space for new programs or files which may decreases the speed and performance of external hard drive. So, it is worth to do defragmentation once in a month and increase the overall performance of hard drive.

Deletion of Temporary Files

Several programs and even Windows leave a sign of temporary files in the hard drive. It is a good step to remove all the temporary files from hard drive which is taking up space.

External Hard Drive Security

It is a prevention step to keep external hard drive more secure. Always keep your external drive in a safe place so that no one can get access of your data. Most of the users keep their useful data in external hard drive as a backup but neglect the security. In such cases, anyone can get access of your data easily.

External Hard Drive Cable Maintenance:

Make sure that external hard drive’s cable is not having lose connection. If it happens then it means that the external hard drive might have disconnected in the middle of file transfer which leads to data loss. Use short cables to improve the performance of external hard drive because with the short cables you are able to transfer files with high speed and performance.