Superior Tool to Restore Files from Corrupted Transcend SD Card

Hello everyone… I am facing a bizarre problem since from few days from  Transcend SD card, every time I tried to see photographs in my Sony digital camera connected to Mac computer it pop up an oversight message indicating SD card not formatted, do you wish to format it now? After seeing this message with frustration I proceed with the format decision as a result all the files got erased! Please help me, I have so many memorable pictures, videos, games inside and don’t want to lose them. Is there any technique to retrieve those files from Transcend SD card?

Smartphone’s as well as photographic cameras has completely changed the photography world with the preface of high-end cameras capable of taking superior excellence with high clarity pictures, video clips etc. and most of the users are acclaimed to stored  images on Transcend SD card because of its large storage capacity, portability and so on. However, regrettably these cards are prone to corruption due to some unpredicted reasons; some of them are listed below:

  • During Up gradation of File System: Sometimes, most of us tend to alter the file system of Transcend SD card from FAT 32 to other. During the procedure, if any interruption occurs then SD card stops working and lastly leads to huge amount of data loss enclosed on it.
  • Transfer Error: At times, users attach their Transcend SD card to Macintosh system via data cable for shifting data. While transferring if they unexpectedly remove the card from cable then there could be possibility of corruption and user unable to access even a lone files from it.
  • Inappropriate Plug and Play: While connecting or disconnecting the Transcend SD card to Mac PC you need to pursue appropriate plug and play procedure. After connecting the SD card, you have to make sure that it has been detected by device and during disconnecting select “Safe Remove Option”.  But in some event, you could rapidly pull the SD card leading to write operation. This kind of incidence causes logical damage on Transcend card and the operating system will ask you to format them on connecting them another time.
  • Additional Responsible Reasons: file system corruption, using untrustworthy third party tools, employing same Transcend SD card on different devices etc.

If you are experiencing loss of data from Transcend SD card due to these issues then no requirement to get upset, with the help of Remo SD card recovery software, you can easily get files off corrupted transcend SD card on Mac within matter of minutes.

Remarkable Features of Remo Recover Software

With the help of this recovery tool, you can simply get back all types of files from corrupted Transcend SD card. This program effectively works on all Macintosh operating system based systems like MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro and so on. Even a non-technical user can employ this tool to restore files from corrupted Transcend SD card without anyone’s assistance because the software offers step by step instructions. You can make usage of this application in order to retrieve files from subdivided SD card families like SDXC, SDHC, SDSC and so on without problem. In case, if you’re facing data deletion after reinstallation of Mac OS and don’t know the process how to retrieve those files then visit here to know the best way to perform data recovery.