Ten Disasters of Computer and Methods to Fix Them

When you are using Computer to perform some operation then obviously you come up with some common issues of the computer, then you face a problem to perform an operation on the system. Here we are explaining some 10 common computer disasters which cause problems to the user. Many problems of the system have a simple solution, if you find and fix the issues then you can save more time and money.

Common problems occurred on the computer are:

  1. Computer fails to start:

When you try to turn on the system it won’t gets ON, then try to check whether the system has correctly plug-in to the power supply.

  1. Hard drive failure:

Usually, all the files, OS, tools get saved on your computer hard drive, sometimes due to some issue in your hard drive gets the data and application present in hard drive gets deleted or lost then using some advanced data recovery for Windows and retrieve all the lost or deleted data from Hard drive

  1. The monitor screen is blank:

When you turn on the system, the CPU is running but the monitor screen is blank. Then you need to check whether the connection between the CPU and monitor is correct and also monitor has been connected to the power supply.

  1. The computer is affected with virus:

When you connect your computer with external storage devices like Pen Drive which contain harmful programs like malware or virus then it infects the entire system and files and tool gets damage and corrupted because of this virus issue, so you need to install the system with Antivirus program.

  1. Computer fans won’t work:

When your system performing the operation then it gets heated so to cool down the CPU / system, a computer includes a fan. Sometimes it the fan makes noisy which is annoying, even if the fan is working your system gets headed. The solution is to clean the dust present in the fan or change the fan of your system.

  1. Windows OS gets crash every time:

When your system gets affected with a harmful virus or in you won’t install the Operating System correctly on your system then your Windows OS keep on getting the crash or it takes more time to load the things.

  1. USB port won’t detect the plug-in devices:

When your computer USB drive has not been installed correctly on your system then whenever you connect some external device to USB port then it will not get detected so install the computer with the proper driver.

  1. The Internet is very slow:

When you browse the things through internet then cookies and cache being added in a browser when it gets high then your internet gets slow so you need to clean the cache frequently on your system.

  1. Unable to connect to the internet:

When you connect the internet cable to the computer, you won’t get connected to the internet and then you need to check the internet cable port of system or change the cable.

  1. Windows boot problem:

If you are facing problems with the booting then you need to reinstall with Windows recovery disk on your computer.