The Best Way to Perform Data Recovery from Disk Not Formatted

Nowadays, everyone is using computers to store their valuable data thinking that the files saved on system is secure for long time and will not get delete or lost. Just for imagination, what will you do when you are unable to open your hard disk anymore? It only shows disk in drive is not formatted do you wish to format it now. Have you lost your data? Are you worried after seeing this error message and in case if you are not familiar how to resolve this issue? Then don’t get worry as you can easily rescue formatted data with the aid of best data recovery tool.

Most Frequent Scenarios through which you might lose data from disk format error are as follows:

  • Virus Attack: There are several reasons through which your hard disk or lone disk get virus intrusion such as while downloading files from untrusted sites or copying the data from virus infected external storage device etc. These sorts of reasons sometimes pops up an error message like “disk not formatted” and lastly leads to data loss.
  • File System Corruption: The file system of device get damage due to virus threats or because of logical errors, during file system conversion etc. Whenever it gets corrupt, you are unable to access the data contained onto it, as it displays an error message disk not formatted, this type of situation results in large amount of info loss.

In addition to this, there are various other scenarios like bad sectors, software conflicts, improper handling of device etc. If you come across these types of circumstances and facing data loss then stay calm because you can effortlessly recover data drive not formatted from the disk by empowering Remo Recover software.

How is it probable to retrieve files from disk when they are not visible?

Whenever user come across the error message like “disk not formatted” at that time majority of the people format the disk for further usage. This kind of incidence results in data loss. In this situation only the address, file pointers are erased and the formatted files remains on the same location until the data is overwritten by fresh data. To get back formatted data, you have to employ good file recovery software.

Preventive Measures to avoid data Loss

  • Maintain significant files backup on external memory to have it easily in case of data loss
  • Make usage of authorized antivirus application to scan the system to get free from virus invasion
  • You must not use the same flash drive on diverse devices because that may leads to disk format error, which in turn leads to data loss

Spectacular Features of Remo Recover

The tool is designed with simple Graphical User Interface that is GUI to retrieve the files from disk not formatted error. Even a novice user can make use of this software to retrieve files from “disk not formatted” error utmost ease. By making use of this tool, you can get back information from all editions of Windows OS without any difficulty. Help you to perform recovery of data from disk not formatted error from all external storage devices like memory cards, external hard disk, USB drive, pen drive etc. with ease. It supports recovery of data from all file types such as photo files, games, movie files, text files, animatronics files etc.

Can I Recover Contacts of Phone by Employing Remo Recover

For this query, the answer is “No” the software does not support the recovery of phone’s contact. Conversely, you can utilize this application to recover the contacts if they are saved to external memory.