Things You Must Know How to Restrict Internet Access on Windows 10

Every parents or guardian will realize that giving access to the internet to their youngster’s is like double edged sword. Access to the world’s greatest free library is very useful, yet there are a many websites available on the internet that should be protected from youthful eyes. Here in this post you will know how to restrict internet access on Windows 10 system? In case, if you are utilizing Windows 8 family safety can be utilized to secure your children’s accounts.

Add child account in your windows 10 computer

  • From the home screen, tap the Windows Start button and select Settings.
  • On the main settings menu, select Accounts.
  • Here, left side of the account menu, click family and other users.
  • In your family area at the top, choose Add a family member.
  • Click the circle to add a child keeping in mind the end goal is to apply controls to the account. Family account will all should be connected to Microsoft accounts, so enter their account address and select next button.

In case you are making another Microsoft account, finish the boxes onscreen. You will see whether the account name you need to utilize is accessible; however you may need to attempt a couple of diverse ones to get one you wish to utilize. Enter the password you need to use for the account in the given box, and click next to continue.

  • You should give security data to enable the password to be reset, and guard the account. In the box enter a phone number, or tap the connection to enter an option email address, and then click next.
  • Microsoft will utilize account data to customize the new user experience on the web, and might likewise want to send promotional offers through email. Check and uncheck the boxes as you see fit, and click next to proceed.
  • You will see confirmation that your children’s new record has been added to your family, and that your PC will must be joined with the Internet for them to sign in interestingly. Click on close button.
  • The child’s record will appear on the Accounts screen in the family area. You can now include further accounts for other members, or go online to deal with your children’s account.

Note: You can also set parental control to restrict internet access for your child on Windows 7 system.