Tool That Will Help You Fix MS Word Files

Most of the computer professionals make use of MS Word documents due to its wonderful inbuilt features which makes it quite easy to complete the task without any complications. According to the Office Word version, the created Word files are saved in .doc and .docx file formats. Though Word is easy to use application, the Word documents are accountable for corruption issues and becomes inaccessible due to different reasons.

Before moving on to any third party applications to fix corrupted MS Word file, you must definitely try these built-in repair options.

There are two default options by which you can access corrupted Word documents:

Word Doc Fix

  • Open and Repair: If your Word file has any minor corruption issues then try this Open and Repair option which is pretty good and without any additional software you can luckily open the corrupted file.
  • Text Recovery converter: This option helps you to recovery any text from the Word file. But it fairy depends on the type of corruption that your file has been suffered

However, if neither of these two methods worked then no need to worry! Only the Word document is corrupted or damaged but not the data that is stored in it. Using the services of Remo Repair Word software, user in no time can repair MS Word file and makes it accessible without any trouble. This utility is specially designed as MS Word file fix tool to get back access to Word files that are inaccessible because of any scenarios.

Take a look at the scenarios in which a Word files gets damaged

  • Damaged header: The header of a particular Word file gets damaged due to macro viruses that easily enter your computer from various sources, thereby makes them inaccessible.
  • Microsoft Word upgrade: If any interruptions like power loss occur when user upgrading a Word application then there are high chances of corruption to Word document which will blocks access to DOC files.
  • Sudden system termination: Abrupt shut down of computer while processing a Word document would severely corrupt the file.
  • OS reinstallation: There might be few chances that the existing Word files may get corrupted while reinstalling Operating System.

Essential backup tips

  • Do not shut down the MS Word application abruptly.
  • Always install trusted anti-virus tool in system to hamper virus infection.
  • Ensure your computer is connected to some good source of power backup like UPS.

Key features of Remo Repair Word software

  • Safely repair MS Word file: Tool easily repairs corrupted doc or docx files by preserving entire original text, images, fonts and even header/footers of the Word documents.
  • Shows repaired Word file preview: Once the scanning process has been completed successfully, you can preview the fixed Word document. This option helps you to decide whether to fix the Word file.
  • Covers entire Word file corruption errors: This utility provides high degree of scalability that is able to resolve all corruption errors related to Word file. Using this program, minor as well as major file corruption issues can be repaired at utmost ease.
  • Do it yourself -User friendly interface: It is very effective wizard to repair MS Word file with its simple and intuitive Graphical User Interface that can be utilized by any common user without requiring any assistance or professional help.
  • Support and compatibility: Toolkit works well and convenient enough to repair MS Word files that are created on MS Word application like 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. Also supports different Windows OS including latest Windows 10 version.