Tool to Get Back Deleted PST Files

“It is very easy to accidently delete an entire folder or subfolder. The confirmation dialog box, simply asks if you want to delete the selected PST file. If you accidently highlighted the wrong folder, it is gone with no retrieval method. This is not hard to do. In any event, does anyone know how to retrieve an accidentally deleted .pst file? I cannot locate the deleted file in the Recycle bin. Thanks for any help anyone might provide”

From the above scenario we get a clear cut information that user has been the victim of accidental PST file deletion. Well nothing to worry about. The PST file has not been deleted permanently. User can perform deleted PST file recovery process with the help of best Yodot File Recovery application.

Some of the scenarios that causes deletion of PST files from the storage media are:

Antivirus Application: Sometimes there are many antivirus applications present in the computer that may delete your PST files during scanning process. Therefore data backup should be maintained before running the scanning program.

Accidental Deletion: While trying to move files from system to external storage media, user may accidentally click on Shift delete keys which permanently remove the PST files from the system bypassing the Recycle Bin folder.

System Format: Accidentally formatting the system can lead to deletion of all the files that were present in the respective volume. Hence before performing the format process, user should keep backup of his important files.

Tool to recover deleted PST file:

Yodot File Recovery application is the best recovery product that can be made use of to get back deleted PST files from Windows operating system. With the inclusion of best graphical user interface and advanced list of options, even a novice user can perform speedy recovery of PST files that are deleted from the respective volume.  User can effectively rescue deleted PST files from memory cards, external hard drives, pen drives and other devices. This file recovery software is compatible with various editions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, 2008 respectively. For Mac operating systems users we have Yodot Mac File Recovery utility that can perform the restoring process.

Simple steps that have to be followed to get back deleted PST files:

Click here to download Yodot File Recovery tool in the system. On completion of download process, install the tool and then launch the program. Proceed with the instructions that are present on the main screen of the application. Hit on Deleted File Recovery and then proceed to next window from where you can select the drive from where deleted PST files have to be rescued. Once the drive is selected, get to next screen where you can select the file types that have to be recovered. Now start the scanning process, upon completion of which user can view the rescued list of files in Data View or File Type View. Select the desired type of view and then proceed to save the retrieved file on the known destination location as available to host operating system user.

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Install best known antivirus protection to prevent virus attacks
  • Double check the files before formatting them
  • Maintain backup of important files in separate external hard drive