Tutorial to Restore Missing Windows 7 Partition

“I had two partitions in my Windows 7 computer, one is primary C: drive and the other is D: drive in which I stored all the files related to my personal as well as official files. As D: drive had very huge amount of files, I was finding very difficult to search for files, which I needed. So, I thought of creating one more partition to store my official files in it. As I was unaware of manual way of creating a new partition, I did it by downloading third party partitioning tool. I created a new partition with this third party tool successfully, but the existing partition D: drive is missing from my Windows 7 system. Please can anyone help me out to perform missing recovery partition Windows 7 computer? Thank you…!”

Well, it is the most common issue with most of the Windows 7 users. Not only Windows 7, any user who doesn’t have enough knowledge on creating a new partition faces this kind of problems. However, luckily missing recovery partition Windows 7 is possible with the help of professional data recovery software known as Remo Recover tool. Just relax and know few common scenarios that lead to the loss of partition on Windows 7, before going to know how to restore lost partition.

Usage of unreliable third party tools: Using unreliable and unauthorized third party tools to create a new partition can lead to loss of existing partition on your Windows 7 system

Virus/Malware infection: Some external threats like severe virus and malwares enter your system through infected external storage device or through download files that are virus infected. In case, if these viruses and malwares are very harmful, then you may lose your Windows 7 partition

Hard drive crash: Due to software malfunction, file system corruption, bad sectors, boot sector corruption, etc. can result in hard drive crash. As a result of hard drive crash, there are chances of losing your Windows 7 partition

Missing recovery partition Windows 7 with Remo Recover software:


Any partition contains lots of important files, obviously you will feel very sad after losing such huge amount of data from it. However, you need not feel that all your data has gone forever, as you can easily restore them back with the assistance of Remo Recover software in couple of clicks. This software supports to get back lost or deleted FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and ExFAT partitions on different types of hard drives such as SATA, PATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. For this, all you need to do is download, install, and run its free demo version on your Windows 7 computer. With its advanced scanning technique, it scans and recovers the lost partition in few easy steps. After the completion of scanning process, it permits you to preview all the recoverable files. To save the recovered files, you need to activate its complete edition. Please follow the link http://www.remorecover.com/windows/missing-recovery-partition-windows-7.html to know complete procedure to use this software

Features of Remo Recover tool:

  1. Remo Recover restores more than 300 types of files including audio files, videos, images, Microsoft Office files such as Word documents, PowerPoint files, PST files, spreadsheets, etc. games, system files, and many more
  2. Besides Windows 7, it also supports other versions of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, XP, Vista, Windows 2000, etc.
  3. With this utility, you can also recover lost or deleted data from external hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, pen drives, and other storage devices with utmost ease
  4. Provides 24/7 technical support in order to solve your queries related to recovering missing partitions on Windows 7 desktops and laptops