User Agent in Browser

Description about User Agent: A user agent is an application or software that is acting on behalf of a computer user. For an instance: an email reader is a user agent for mail and in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), the stretch user agent defines the both end points of a communications sitting. In most of the situations, a user agent performances as a client in a network protocol that is used in communications between client and server distributed computing system. In specific, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) classifies the client application creating the request, as the “User-Agent” header, even suppose the client is not functioned by a user.

User Agent in browser:

As soon as your browser attaches to a website, it contains a User-Agent field in its Hypertext Transfer Protocol header. And the substances of the user agent field may varies from one web browser to other browser because each browser contains its own, characteristic user agent. Basically, a user agent is the best way for a web browser to introduce about browser let’s say for an example “Hi, I am Mozilla Firefox on Windows” or “Hi, I am Safari on Macintosh” to a web server.

Hence, the web server can gather this details in order to serve various web pages to dissimilar web browsers and unlike operating systems. For instance; a website may send mobile web pages to mobile browsers, latest or updated pages to modern browsers, and a “please upgrade your web browser” communication to Internet Explorer 6.

Uses of User Agent:

Web server’s custom user agents for a variation of purposes, as including:

  • Serving various web pages to unlike web browsers. This web servers can be used for different purpose for example: in order to attend simpler web pages to older web browsers. It will presentation that “This web page as to be observed in Internet Explorer” message.
  • Meeting figures showing the browsers and operating systems in use by respective web users or web browsers. Suppose, if computer user ever find any browser market-share statistics, this user agent will assist to show all the details about the browsing.
  • Showing various content to different operating systems in some cases by viewing the slimmed browser page on mobile devices.
  • All most all the browsers contain different ways to set user agents, so you can view what web servers can send to various browsers. For instance, set your web browser to a mobile browser’s as a user agent and then you can able to view mobile editions of web pages on your computer.