What is the difference between Chromebook and Windows 10 Laptop?

Chromebooks is awfully simple to use if you are just aware of using a browser and is quickly grown worldwide because of its affordable price and are becoming most famous in the super-budget end of the portable market.

Microsoft aims to kill Google Chromebooks with the launch of new latest Windows 10 Laptops. This provides free upgrade to the existing Windows users where they can take advantage of better Start menu option as well as Cortana assistant help.

Chromebooks vs. Windows 10 Laptops

To know which computing Operating System is most appropriate and suitable based on your requirements, just have a look at Windows and Chrome outstanding features:

  • Interface: Windows 10 is a versatile laptop with improved Start menu button and lets you snap upto four Windows tabs on the current screen where as Chrome allows only two each of which occupies half of the Window screen. Though Windows 10 offers so many features but it’s interface is integrated and seamless than a Chromebook with straight forward and easy to use interface.
  • Cortana vs. Google:  In Windows 10 a new Cortana feature is similar to Google as in Chrome. Whenever you click Cortana search bar it gives useful info such as weather updates, act as reminders, etc. When you open the Launcher or  a blank Chrome tab you can ask Google questions by enabling a similar app in the setting called OK Google. Cortana in Windows 10 is more versatile than Google since it performs a lot more than a Google like file search on your laptop by natural language, booking appointments, tells jokes and so on.
  • Apps and Software: The basic programs like productivity, photo editing, video editing, video playback, music playback and a browser are essential for a laptop to function appropriately. All these are included in both Windows 10 and Chromebook but Google Operating System is still yet to add these programs. Windows 10 laptop offers more apps compared to Chromebook and most popular apps like Facebook, Kindle and Flipboard updates you about what happening across the globe. Though Chromebook is a big browser but it does not support many programs like CyberLink PowerDirector.
  • Photo and Video Editing: A plethora of editing images has been included in Windows 10 notebook that includes Photoshop elements, creative Adobe suite with various options which are not present on Chromebooks. Windows 10 offer a professional  CyberLink PowerDirector suite for film makers with frills options, auto correction and editing in just few easy clicks. Microsoft’s new Photos app in Windows 10 gives all the basics picture editing tool.
  • Web Browsing: Chrome is typically a very big browser but Windows 10 along with Chrome offers diverse number of Web browsers with flexibility and many more handy features that are not available in the Chrome.

Which is most appropriate-Chromebooks or Windows 10?

Microsoft Windows 10 is a better choice as it gives many options such as more applications, extra photo- video editing tools, number of web browser choices, high productivity, many new games, support more file types and hardware options. Even the cost of Windows 10 laptop is same as Chromebook but  gives better power and versatility.

But if you are convenient and happy living in the cloud environment rather than security if you want simplicity than Chromebook will perfectly suits you.