What is the Difference between Quick Format and Complete Format?

I think you will be much familiar with the word “Hard drive format”. Formatting hard drive is not such easy as you think. Some of you might be thinking that it is just clicking a couple of options from the context menu. But you must be aware of the things that you will be get two options while formatting hard drive. One type of format is quick format and other is complete format. To opt for the format type, you must know the difference between these two types of formats. Well, by reading this article you get complete information of what is the difference between quick format and complete format.

Quick format can be executed quickly. If you want to make the format process quickly then the drive is not checked for bad sectors. If you look at the hard disk then you cannot see any files and you assume the drive is erased. Actually the files are still there and the volume could be re-built, in order to gain access to the files again.

Quick format only removes all the files completely on the drive. Quick format option is fine to go when you want to delete all details in the drive along with the hidden and system files. And on the other hand if you need to clean format you disk that removes the bad sectors and hidden viruses also then it is better to go for full format.

Full formatting the hard drive runs an additional step that checks the hard disk for any bad sectors. This type of check is what makes the full format takes much longer tome than a quick format. Regrettably, just like the quick format the files still exist and the volume could be re-built to gain access to any of the files on the drive again. If you format the hard drive by opting for Full format then it would clean up the disk along with the bad sectors and fragmentations. Therefore it takes a little longer time for it to complete the formatting.

And if you are scheduling to re-use the hard disk and do not consider anything is wrong with the drive then a quick format is sufficient since you are still the owner. And if you believe that the drive may have issues or are encountering problems with the system then a full format is a good option to make sure no issues exist with the drive.