WinZip App for Windows

ZIP is one of the possible ways to compress different files and folders on a system to reduce occupied disk space. It also supports error recovery and file spanning. ZIP files are saved with .zip extension. The ZIP format is gaining more popularity; especially for the file sharing networks and torrent sites, as the ZIP format provides best compression than any other file archive formats. It is having much number of additional benefits like it supports strong encryption of data and recover file so that any errors can be repaired much quickly accurately and easily. Win ZIP is great utility software that lets the user for compressing and decompressing the archived files. Usage of Win ZIP is similar on all platforms.

A Zipx extended file is generally a zip file to create or open a compressed archive by using advanced encryption and compression methods. WinZip application is specifically designed to create and handle the archives for the users, and also providing some additional features to encrypt files. After the latest release of WinZip 14, ZipX is accessible as a default compression method. It uses many compression technique algorithms to compress the files.

The .zipx extension conveys that to open the file WinZip will be required. The advanced compression techniques used in Zipx files are extensions to the original, open source Zip file format. The particular WinZip extensions available are:

  • BZip
  • LZMA
  • PPMd
  • XZ
  • Jpeg
  • Wavpack

Benefits of ZipX

ZipX supports wide range of file formats and it allows the users to rename, delete and sort the files inside ZipX without extracting the files that are incorporated in an archive. The application is successfully used for encrypting the archives and splitting, converting ZIPs to SFX format or adding comments.

Key features of ZipX

  • Supports many popular archive formats which include ISO, ARC, JAR, TAR, ZIP, ZIPX, ACE, 7Zip, ARJ, RAR, CAB, etc.
  • It handles even the non-English text with the support of Unicode file system.
  • Through ZIP one can backup Audio CDs to archive and play tracks without extracting them.
  • One can send the archive files for storing in a remote server using File Transfer Protocol.
  • WinZip encrypts the stand-alone files also i.e. those files which are not part of a ZIP archive using powerful encryption methods