So why do we use USB?

Well, USB drives are small, portable, and handy drives which can perform read operation on any of the devices to which they are connected. Because of all these interesting features, they are widely preferred for transporting data between the system and vice versa. Well, as data transfer is the fundamental operation that needs to be carried out it is mandatory to secure USB flash drive with the hardware and other encryption mechanisms. Here we have discussed what all you can do with your USB thumb drives which make it secure.

Save your data with a password: We highly recommend you to password protect the entire USB stick without making any encryption mechanism. If you want to protect selected files then you can make use of this technique that can be useful for you. For instance, you are using Word then go to Tools > Options and switch the security tab. Here you can enter a password to open and hit on OK. You can further re-enter the password and save the document accordingly.

You can create an encrypted and password protected partition: With the help of reliable tools, you can create an encrypted and password protected partition securely. As these tools will prove to be effective for transferring valuable data from one storage medium to another. Make use of the free trial version and you can create hidden, encrypted, password-protected partition up to 2 GB on your USB flash drive. You can easily access the protected files from your host computer.

Note: No need of additional driver installation for using such types of tools. Just remember to check the reliability of such tools. Once you are done with the creation of password protected and encrypted container on your hard drive, simply access it with the help of .exe icon from the root folder.

Safeguard your USB drive: You can download usbsafegaurd.exe and copy it to your USB thumb drive. Run the flash drive and enter the password for locking the drive. In order to unlock, run the file again and enter the password. In this way, the locking procedure must be repeated whenever you want the drive to be locked or unlocked. You can also change the password every time to restore deleted files from pen drive when you are using the USB safeguard utility.

In case due to any act of ignorance or computer errors if you have lost/deleted important files from USB then you can rely on an advanced tool to get back files from USB on Mac / Windows.


Remo Recover

recover-filesThere are many scenarios where your file gets deleted permanently in such situation you need a recovery tool to get back the deleted file on Windows 8 operating system.  Remo recover is one of the prime tool available in the market that helps you to recover all the permanently deleted files. This tool contains advanced powerful algorithm which has the ability to scan your hard drive completely and fetches all the deleted files. It can  recover more than 300 different file types including photo,audio files and many more. Find out how to install this tool and recover all the permanent deleted files on the following link

List of important features of Remo Recover:

  • This Remo Recover toolkit can be used to recover deleted files on different file systems like FAT16, FAT32 and ExFAT.
  • All the recovered deleted files are displayed in the form of list, so you can easily sort them on basis of  date and file type.
  • This Remo Recover toolkit is free from virus  infections, so it is very much safe application to install into your Windows system.
  • The graphical user interface provided by this software is very simple where users do not need any special technical skills to utilize this software.

Additional benefits of Remo Recover:

  • This tool can be installed on Windows 8 as well as all the versions of Windows operating system like Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, etc.
  • Remo Recover is non destructive application where it does not affect or modify your original file contents it operates only in Read mode.
  • Demo version of this recovery tool is available with free of cost and you can check the ability of this tool before purchasing the full version.
  • All the recovered files can be saved to any storage location which is accessible by the Windows operating system.

When does a file get deleted permanently in Windows 8?

  • When you delete a file by using the Shift – Delete command, it lets the file bypass the Recycle Bin and therefore file gets deleted permanently.
  • Whenever you delete a file it gets stored in Recycle bin, but emptying Recycle bin results in permanent deletion of files.
  • Other scenarios like Recycle Bin Bypass and using Command Prompt also results in permanent deletion.

Steps to install Remo Recover:

  • Download Remo recover software on to your Windows operating system start the application by double clicking on the icon.
  • Select Recover Drives option from the main menu and Select the drive from where your deleted files are to be recovered and click on Next button to start the recover process.
  • After the completion of recover process all restored files are displayed in the form of list. The inbuilt preview option is provided to view the recovered files.
  • Finally you can save the restored files by using save option which is available only in the licensed version.

Windows 8 operating system is designed with a special feature namely file history that regularly backups the files which are stored in the various folders such as Documents, Music, Downloads, Pictures, Videos, and desktop. If the files stored in these folders or the entire folders are lost or deleted by any means, the user can still easily restore them.

Let’s learn how to recover Downloads folder in Windows 8 based system. But before that, let us discuss about some commonly occurring data loss and deletion scenarios.

Some commonly occurring data loss and deletion scenarios in Windows 8:

  • Folders and individual files can accidentally be deleted using the permanent delete option key SHIFT + DELETE combination, using command prompt delete option, emptying the Recycle Bin, etc. people tend accidentally use any of these options on important files that are not supposed to be erased
  • When using some third party applications such as antivirus, some files and folders will be deleted, if they are found to be suspicious by the software
  • Files and folders can be lost during executing cut and paste commands incorrectly
  • Critical errors such as disk defrag failure, power surges, etc. can cause the folder to get lost or deleted. Similarly, performing improper system shut downs also can be the main reason of folder getting deleted or lost
  • When the Recycle Bin exceeds its limited storage size, the file that is getting erased will just bypass the Recycle Bin to get permanently deleted
  • Files and folders can get deleted during performing data transfer from one device to another improperly
  • If the user is trying to create new partition or edit an existing one using some unreliable third party application, partition error may occur resulting in data loss

Steps to recover deleted or lost Downloads folder on Windows 8 operating systems:

You can now easily recover accidentally deleted or lost Downloads folder on Windows 8 by using file history option in the system. For this, user needs to maintain the file history.

First of all, you should choose the location where the file was stored earlier. Then go to home menu and choose History. This file history window will show all the folders including the ones which are deleted recently. From that, you can easily find out the Downloads folder which is to be recovered. Then select the folder and click to recover the document.  After this step, the deleted Downloads folder will be immediately restored in the same location from where it was deleted.

Another way to restore the Downloads folder is, open Start menu in Windows 8 and run Backup and Restore option. Open Settings in Windows 8 and search using keyboard shortcut key Windows key + W and click “Windows file recovery”. By clicking on “restore my files” option, you can recover the Downloads folder.

Most reliable way of restoring Downloads folder in Windows 8:

Just download Remo Recover tool on your Windows 8 based PC by using the download buttons and install it once the download is complete. Then follow the easy step by step instructions which are mentioned in order to perform recovery of deleted / lost Downloads folder in Windows 8, or any other Windows OS based computer.

Remo Recover utility is accompanied with an inexhaustible list of features that can reliably help you to restore downloads folder Windows 8 which is lost, deleted or is inaccessible due to any reasons.

Recover Lost Bitmap Files from Windows 8 System

Bitmap files are one of the graphical file formats that is upheld by Microsoft Windows operating system.

Importance of Bitmap Files

Bitmap images are independent of display source and have 2 dimensional digital picture storage which has width, height and resolution. These pictures normally have information as colors in every pixel in uncompressed structure. The nature of photographs will be clear like that of original one and gives an option called compression utilizing which print of a picture can be taken.

Regardless of having such a large number of profits, there are chances of losing Bitmap files. Some of the general situations that are responsible for losing Bitmap files from Windows 8 System are listed below.

Hard Drive Corruption – Hard drive is a storage place on Windows 8 System to store all Bitmap Files. In such situations, if hard drive is corrupted because of virus attack, more number of bad sectors, blunder then it won’t react to read/write activities. Subsequently Bitmap files present on hard drive will become unreachable to users.

Interrupted Process – During the transferring process of Bitmap files from external storage device to Windows 8 system or the other way around, if procedure is interrupted because of unexpected ejection of external device, sudden power surge and so forth. At that point the chances of losing bitmap files from Windows 8 system are more.

Other Reasons – File system corruption, abrupt system shut down, accidental formatting, virus attack and so on are different reasons that cause loss of Bitmap files from Windows 8 system.

Is this situations are similar to yours, then don’t stress!!! Here is splendid software to recover lost bitmap file from Windows 8 system within few simple steps.

Striking features of Remo Recover to rescue lost Bitmap Files from Windows 8 system

Remo Recover is perfect software to restore lost Bitmap files from Windows 8 system. Recovery of other file formats like JPEG, PPG, TIFF, PING and so forth can be accomplished. This product is outlined with advanced recovery mechanisms for early recovery of missing Bitmap files from Windows 8 system. With the assistance of a feature called Find tool, users can locate their required files effortlessly from gigantic list of data. Facilitates an option called Preview that allows users to view the pictures before sending them to specific location. This product supports different Windows operating system like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003 to restore missing Bitmap files from Windows 8 system. 24*7 technical group will be available to solve any issues that happen during recovery process or establishment. Separated from this, Remo Recover can also be utilized to recover files from accidentally formatted Windows 8 system. Visit here for more information about its recovery process.

Precautionary Measures to rescue lost Bitmap files from Windows 8 system

• Always preserve backup of essential Bitmap files in any external storage device to avoid data misfortune from Windows 8 system

• Make utilization of reliable third party tools to keep Windows 8 system away from malware diseases

• Do not utilize the device instantly once you come across data loss

• Be careful while performing any operations like formatting, reformatting, installation and so on Windows 8 system

In a short duration of time, many manufactures have introduced new electronic gadgets based on each and every user requirements. Asus Vivo Tab Note 8 is one among such manufacturer, it operates on Windows 8 operating system with advanced new features and unlimited necessities like surfing the Web while standing or sitting, play a game or read a book, listen to music, watch streaming videos, etc. due to these eye catching features it gains more attraction of many people across worldwide. But, whatsoever could be the superior features it encloses; always there is some lack of knowledge about gadget functionalities or mishandling of Tab exists. In some cases, it might result in deletion or loss of data from Asus Vivo Tab Note 8.

For instance, consider a scenario; you may unintentionally delete some important files while performing some task on Asus Vivo Tab Note 8. In other scenario, your Tablet might hang all of sudden and display error message, in such situation, you have to face wide range of data loss.

Once data is lost from Asus Vivo Tab Note 8, then you have to stop using it, if you really want to retrieve data. In the event, if you add any fresh files then deleted data space will get overwritten and it is not possible to get them back. Apart from above stated reason, there are numerous other responsible scenarios for data loss; some of the common motives are highlighted below:

  • Unintended deletion of significant files while deleting unnecessary data is one of the most frequent reason for data loss from Asus Vivo Tab Note 8 device
  • At times when you connect your Tab to computer, it pop up the error and forces you to format the drive leads to data loss
  • Mishandling of Asus Vivo Tab Note 8 like eliminating the memory card at the time of read \ write process or usage of same memory card on multiple electronic gadgets results in corruption issue and lastly leads to wide range of data loss.
  • Severe virus attack in your Tablet leads to data loss.

The best way to recover files from Asus Vivo Tab Note 8 or of above mentioned reasons is to make use of “Remo Asus Vivo Tab Note 8 Recovery Software”. For further information make use of this link

Remo Recover Software Fabulous Features:

This is one of the tremendous Tablet file recovery tool that is competent of rescuing lost data from all brands of devices like (Sony, Samsung, HTC, LG, Micro Max, etc). It has the ability to scan entire internal as well as external memory of Asus Vivo Tab Note 8 in a matter of minutes and retrieves deleted or lost data. Even a novice user can utilize this application to restore their deleted or lost data from Tablet because it provides systematic approach and snapshots. By making use of Remo Recover software, one can also carry out recovery operation on Windows XP system to get back there lost or deleted files and folders.

Points to Remember:

  • Maintain extra copy of significant files and preserve them on system or any other external storage memory
  • Before using Asus Vivo Tab Note 8 carefully read the functionality and proceed toward operating
  • Install updated antivirus software and scan your device at least once in a week

“I have saved few important files in my home desktop but one of my cousins has accidentally deleted them while trying to remove unwanted one. I have visited Recycle Bin to restore those files but could not find them. Does anyone know how I can get back my files? Help would be appreciated greatly?”

Have you ever faced similar situation and lost your important files? If yes then this is the best place where you will get answer for your query. Usually deleted files can be easily restored from Recycle Bin. But in case the size of deleted file is very large or the save option is disabled in Recycle Bin properties then you cannot find deleted files in Recycle Bin folder. However it is very easy to get back deleted files from desktop even if you have lost them permanently. Wondering how? Well, it’s very simple. Download any good file recovery software to your desktop so that you can get them without missing a single one.

Causes for file deletion from desktop

  • Sometimes you may accidentally click on “Delete” option instead of “Copy” option while moving files from desktop to external hard drive
  • Selecting important files by using “Ctrl” option and deleting them mistakenly using “Shift + Delete” keys may results in losing them
  • If you use  “Cut” command to move files from one drive to another and at that moment your system gets turned off due to power failure then it leads to lose your files
  • In case you empty Recycle Bin of desktop and if some important files are left over then you will lose it

However, you need not worry!!! As whatever said above you can recover deleted files from desktop with the help of recovery software. Yodot File Recovery is one such application that can assist you to get back erased files from your desktop. This software starts to recover files by scanning the whole drive in which deleted files have been stored before deletion. You could recover important files like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many without modifying its content. One good thing to know about this software is, it can categorize your files according to file size, date and name. To know more about Yodot File Recovery software, just download its trial version. It is same as full version but the difference is you cannot save recovered files. To save it, you need to download full version which is available for you at an affordable price. Following are the steps that you are supposed to follow:

First of all download the application and install it to your desktop. Run it to begin the recovery. Visit here. You will find two options over main screen which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”. Make use of “Deleted File Recovery” to continue. You can now see all the drive present in your desktop. Click on the drive that needs to be recovered. The application now starts scanning and then displays file types which you can recover. Select files otherwise click on “Skip” to select all file types by default. Choose recoverable files by using two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”. Finally save restored files to the desired location. But it should be different from original one.

“I have created a folder on Mac and stored important PDF files on it. Yesterday morning, while deleting unwanted folders from my Mac machine, I have accidentally deleted the folder in which I have stored PDF files. I cannot restore those files from Trash Bin as I have emptied Trash Bin as well. Can anyone suggest me a way that could help me to get back PDF files from my Mac.?”

Are you among the one who faced above situation and lost important PDF file from Mac? If so then you will definitely find a way after going through this article. But before knowing how you can restore PDF files let us discuss about the situation that leads to lose PDF files from Mac computer. Below listed are few:

  • Emptying Trash Bin: Sometimes you may accidentally delete few PDF files from Mac assuming that it is of no use further. But after deletion if you empty Trash Bin then you may lose PDF file that were present in Trash Bin
  • Deletion through Mac Terminal: When you delete PDF files through Mac Terminal then it cannot be restored from Trash as deleted files from Mac Terminal does not get redirected to Trash Bin and hence makes you lose them permanently from Mac
  • Power Failure: If your Mac machine gets turned off as a result of power failure then PDF file which was open before shutting down might get lost from your Mac system

Apart from above reasons, PDF file may also get lost for unknown causes. But one may not get upset for losing files because with the utilization of PDF File recovery software like Yodot Mac File Recovery. This software has been specially built to recover files like PDF, DOC, XLS,PPT etc. As soon as you run the application, it will scan the drive in which PDF file is present and then recovers it without damaging further. Along with PDF files, you can recover generic media file formats like photos, videos etc from Mac computer. The steps to restore PDF files are as follows:

First of all download Yodot Mac File Recovery software to your Mac computer and then install it. Press here.  Once the installation process gets completed run it to start recovery. You will find two options on main screen which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”. Select anyone out of the two according to the situation you have faced. Select the drive that needs to be recovered. The application now starts scanning and then displays recoverable file types. Choose PDF files and then click on “Next”. Make your selection by utilizing two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”. At last save recovered files in a location that you prefer. But do not save it on a same location from where you are recovering. It leads to overwriting and you will lose PDF files forever.

In current era, majority of the users across the world prefer to use Sony Vaio laptops for their work because of its artful design and premium features to simplify things as much as feasible. Even after having superior features and well-updated file system, some tough times make user to lose their data from Sony Vaio laptop due to reason like master boot record (MBR) corruption. Usually MBR get damage because of severe virus attack and pop up an error message like “Invalid Partition Table”, “Missing OS” or “Error Loading OS” and lastly results in hard disk inaccessible. In case, if you are facing this kind of problem and don’t know how to overcome from this issue then no requirement to worry because with the aid of best third party data recovery tool, you can effortlessly rescue deleted, lost, missing files.

But as per professional expert’s advice most of the third party applications are untrustworthy as it deletes entire hard disk data during recovery process. Therefore, they recommend to use this tool referred as Remo Recover.

In addition to the above-mentioned scenario, few more reasons responsible for data loss from Sony Vaio laptop are listed below:

Partition Error: Most of us sometimes decide to resize the current partition of laptop into another part, while performing this task if any error occurs in between the procedure then it results in data loss. The situation gets even worst, if you don’t have precious files backup. But, luckily you can easily recover the data from Sony Vaio laptop after partition error has occurred by employing Remo Recover software.

Virus Attack: Virus attack is the chief reason and plays a vital role in corrupting entire Sony Vaio laptop hard disk. It generally enters while downloading files from untrustworthy sites or from virus infected external device and force you to format the hard drive when you try to open it. Once you proceed with the instruction then entire data will get lost.

Unintended Deletion of Files: Consider a situation where you desire to delete useless files from Sony Vaio laptop. In the process of deletion, you select few valuable files and perform Shift + Delete key combination this kind of circumstance results in permanent data lost because the deleted data will not reside in Recycle Bin.

Additional Reasons: operating system crash, unintentional formatting, sudden power surge, hardware conflicts, BIOS settings, format error, file system conversion, improper laptop termination, bad sectors etc.

If you are facing data crisis from the above said scenarios then stay calm! and empower Remo Recover utility to rescue data from Sony Vaio laptop at your fingertips.

Stunning Features of Remo Recover Software

This is one of the widely used data recovery software across the globe to rescue information from Sony Vaio laptop

The tool has the capability to create disk image of Sony Vaio hard disk that bypasses the bad sectors

With the help of this software, you can easily restore the deleted or lost from all locations of hard drive like C, D, E, F etc. for further information go through with this link

By making use of this application, you can easily restore data from chief versions of Windows OS like Vista, XP, 8, 7, Windows Server 2003, 2008 etc utmost ease.

It has the capacity to retrieve lost data from FAT 32, NTFS 5, NTFS, ExFAT, FAT 16 formatted partitions of your Sony Vaio hard disk utmost ease.

Are you aware of any data recovery software to get back deleted data from Windows machine? If your reply is do not know then no need to get annoy because this article provides you the outstanding software and recovery steps to recover deleted files. Before understanding the recovery procedure, you must be aware of common file loss scenarios from Windows machine, few of them are as follows:

Unintentional Deletion of Files: While selecting large amount of unwanted files from Windows system for deletion purpose there might be chance that user may select several necessary files and perform Shift + Delete key combination this sort of deletion leads to permanent data loss.

Antivirus Scanning: This is the common reason for deletion of files from system. Most of the time users are unapproachable to their drives on system due to virus invasion. At the time, people decide to go with antivirus scanning to get free from virus threats. After completion of scanning procedure user finds some valuable files are missing from system, this type of incidence takes place because of untrusted or illegal antivirus application.

Unintended Formatting of Drive: Sometimes user becomes helpless to get data from partition due to some logical reasons. After trying all the efforts they get fail to reach the data during this time without having any other option they opt for formatting process but unluckily select the wrong drive and perform format operation. This sort of incidence results in data loss.

In addition to all these scenarios there are few more reasons which are liable for file loss such as software confliction, hard drive failure, virus attack, MBR corruption, during transferring process, file system corruption etc. To get free from all these issues effortlessly then empower Remo Recover Software or visit this link

Remo Recover Stunning Features on Windows System

By making use of this application, you can get back files from unapproachable partitions without any difficulty. The software is designed with simple graphical user interface and even novice user can utilize this utility to restore deleted or lost files Windows operating system utmost ease. It supports recovery of data from formatted or reformatted drives at your fingertips. By empowering the too, you can get back deleted information from several types of hard drives like SATA, SCSI, PATA, ATA, IDE etc. The software has an ultimate option known as “save recover session” that helps users to avoid hard disk rescanning and resume the process any time. Even one can retrieve files deleted by the operation Shift + Delete key combination.

Most of the users having doubt that data recovery software retrieves files up to some extent but this tool is well organized and having the capability to restore unlimited data within a few mouse clicks. After purchasing this software, you can make use of the utility many times and it is competent to rescue files from different storage devices. It supports recovery of data from all version of Windows operating system like Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003, 2008, Windows 8, 7 etc. effortlessly. While utilizing this utility, in case if you come across any difficulty or to get more information about Remo Recover software then hit here.

Protective Steps to Prevent File Loss from Windows Computers

  • Before emptying Recycle Bin be sure that, it does not contains any important files
  • Make use of legal antivirus software to scan the system
  • Have a habit to maintain proper backup of significant files on external storage memory to have it easily in case of data loss
  • Right away, stop usage of drive to prevent overwriting of new files onto it         

iMac is a sequence of all in one Mac desktop systems running on Mac OS. It is evidently a problem solving of Apple’s current design aesthetic. It profits from Apple’s exodus to the Intel Ivy Bridge design, which net competitive enhancements like Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 – things the Mac Pro is still waiting for. Majority of the users are happy to work on iMac computers because there are numerous stunning applications available on it. Nevertheless, besides all the marvelous features data stored on iMac get delete or lost due to logical reasons or human faults.

Losing data from iMac hurts a lot since users hoard precious work report, unforgettable pictures, project report, favorite movies, melodies audio songs, vital text files, games etc. Just presume, if you are facing data loss from iMac then how do you resolve the issue? This query is important for all iMac users because one or other day this sort of unpredicted reasons happens. Therefore, it’s better to have prior knowledge on recovery process. The best and suitable way to get back deleted data from iMac according to file recovery specialist is Remo Recover. This software is specially designed to retrieve deleted info from iMac and it is user friendly to operate without any complications.

Before moving to the recovery steps, you must know the common scenarios of data loss from iMac machine. Few of them are inadvertent deletion of files from iMac, unintentional formatting the volume, due to improper repartitioning, catalog file corruption, volume header corruption, Apple partition map corruption etc. if you are facing data loss from iMac because of any reasons then calm down, here is the right tool to recover data from iMac.

Lawful Features of Remo Recover on iMac

Remo Recover software is prominent to rescue deleted or lost info from iMac within a short span of time since it is developed with integrated algorithms to scan complete hard disk. Even it restores the data from emptied Trash with ease. While using the utility, if you find any problem then no need to get frustrate, as support team is available for you around the clock for assistance. The program provides you an option to view the recovered data before restoring it to desired location. It allows you to retrieve deleted data from several file systems like HFS +, FAT 32, HFS X, FAT 16 etc. It facilitates you to sort recovered data on the basis of file size, name, file type, date etc. it is competent to restore the data from formatted iMac hard disk drive or corrupted volumes. Even you can perform data recovery on several Mac OS based machines like Mac Book Pro, Mac Book Air, Mac Mini etc.

Are you looking to recover the deleted or lost files from Samsung Galaxy S2, if yes then click here to get detail information.

Precautions must be taken after losing Files from iMac

  • Always have legitimate files backup on different storage devices like USB drive, FireWire drive, pen drive, external hard disk and much more, to have it in case of data loss from iMac machine
  • Unnecessarily do not go for BIOS settings or any other settings to deal with volume inaccessibility without having prior knowledge
  • Maintain UPS for the system to avoid data loss in case of sudden power failure