“Hi, since two years I am using a USB flash drive successfully without any issues. Everything was fine till yesterday, but yesterday night when I plugged it into my system to copy my official files with an intention to finish off the pending work, as error message appeared on the screen stating “There was an error accessing the drive E; The disk is not formatted. To fix the issue, I ran CHKDSK utility, but no use, as it also displayed an error message saying “The type of the file system is RAW, and CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives. How to recover files from RAW flash drive? I need the files in it very badly. Please help me…!”

Apart from professional users, common users are unaware about how the file system play a crucial role in organizing files and folders in USB flash drive. Continue reading to know the reasons behind USB flash drive turning into RAW, and how to fix the issues to recover files from RAW flash drive. Usually, the file system of any device turns into RAW, when the device is severely corrupted. And the flash drive generally gets corrupted due to various reasons, few are mentioned below:

  1. Virus infection to flash drive is one of the vital cause for RAW USB flash drive. Viruses and malware are harmful programs that replicate themselves by making the entire drive data inaccessible.
  2. While transferring data from flash drive to computer or vice versa sudden power outage might corrupt the device making its file system RAW
  3. Incorrect data operations like pulling out the flash drive abruptly from the system when read/write process is in progress, ejecting it from the system without using Safe Remove option, error while converting its file system, interruption while formatting/reformatting the flash drive, etc. are the other possible factors behind RAW flash drive

Besides these reasons, there are many other reasons behind the RAW flash drive. But still, data recovery from RAW USB flash drive is possible with the help of powerful recovery tool like Remo Recover.

RAW USB flash drive data recovery software – Remo Recover!

Remo Recover is a professional data recovery tool that can recover files from corrupted flash drive RAW turned in hassle free manner. This application recovers various types of files such as videos, audio files, photos, documents, and other files from the flash drive having a RAW file system. It has a unique feature that can create a disk image of the RAW drive and later recovers entire files from it with great ease. Furthermore, it has an ability to recover erased or missing files from FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT, and NTFS formatted drives. This software comes out with a simple interface that needs not required any technical knowledge to restore files from the RAW flash drive. Straightaway download and install the free trial edition of this software to recover and preview the recovered files in either “File Type View” or “Data View” that too before purchasing its complete version.

Other features of this software:

  1. Save Recovery Session” feature in the demo version of this software allows you to save the entire recovery process that helps you in avoiding rescanning of the drive again and again. And you can resume this saved recovery session using “Open Recovery Session” while running the full version of the software to save the recovered files.
  2. Apart from the flash drive, it also recovers data from pen drive, memory card, hard drives, FireWire drive, and much more storage devices.
  3. It is compatible with all popular versions of Windows OS including Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and 2008.
  4. This software can create a disk image of the RAW flash drive and later restore the entire files from it thereby ensuring safe and secure data recovery from the RAW flash drive.

Important note:

  1. Do not try to format the RAW flash drive, as the overwriting the files reduces the chance of data recovery
  2. Always use Safe Remove hardware option while ejecting the flash drive from the system
  3. It is safer to install reliable anti-virus software and update it regularly on your system in order to get rid of harmful viruses and malware.

“I happened to accidentally format my SD memory card from my digital camera in which I had shot some really important video files. I just want to know if there’s any secure and reliable method for recovering them back. I don’t have a backup of those video files and I cannot afford to lose them forever. It’s a SanDisk microSD card with 32 GB of memory. Thanks.”

Know how you can reliably get back deleted / lost videos from a SD memory card:

SD memory cards are surely a great way of saving and sharing media data such as videos and pictures captured on a camera. But it does not come equipped with any disaster proof to help check data loss scenarios. For example, you can accidentally format the SD card in one click on your camera, and all data is gone in an instant. There are, however, quite a few ways using which one can try and retrieve deleted contents from these flash storage devices, but the catch is most of the techniques require a third party data recovery tool for the recovery process. As you are well aware of, there are abundantly available third party applications that claim to do the job but fail miserably, and can worsen the situation even more. You need to cautiously get your hands on a professional and reliable software that is actually capable of restoring videos on SD cards, and we’ll help you do just that.

A professional tool to retrieve videos and other media files from SD cards:

Remo Recover for Windows is a professional and renowned data recovery application which is found to be an ideal solution to recover video files from SD card and from various other flash storage devices with high success rate. It is a software used by many professionals across the globe. It has a reasonably well built software combined with a simple and user friendly graphical interface that will help you through the recovery process with great ease. It is basically designed to help users who have no high technical skills in order to perform complex tasks such as recovering video files from a formatted / corrupted SD memory cards.

Some of its important features at a glimpse:

  • Photos, movies and any other items that have been deleted accidentally or due to any other reasons from SD / microSD memory cards can be recovered with ease
  • Items removed due to formatting of the SD card or using “Delete All” option on a camera can be precisely recovered by this software
  • SD memory card errors, corruptions, or memory card inaccessibility issues can be overcome by the software to retrieve its contents effectively
  • Data loss following usage of the same SD card between different cameras or computers or due to incorrect handling can be addressed by Remo Recover to help extract its contents
  • Various unknown events that can cause data loss to files stored on the SD card can be checked by this tool and all important data could be restored
  • Comes with a free demonstration edition which is perfect for first time users – using this feature shall enable you to scan, locate and see all recoverable videos and other files prior to registering the licensed version of Remo Recover

Scenarios wherein data loss / file deletion can occur on Fujifilm cameras:

All clicked pictures and movies on almost all Fujifilm camera device are primarily stored on its removable media storages like microSD or SSD cards as saving files on removable media drives provides a more convenient way of sharing and storing files. But along with being a convenient means, flash cards are often a victim of data loss via accidental / intentional file deletion. For instance, erasing photos from the Fujifilm camera accidentally, formatting the memory card while trying to perform any other action, manual file deletion using computer, and the like.

Some known actions that tend to cause data loss on Fujifilm cameras:

  • Flash memory cards can get damaged or corrupted easily if they are handled incorrectly, causing them to turn inaccessible or cause file erasure. For example, removing the memory cards improperly, removing and reinserting the memory card from the camera frequently, using the flash memory card on multiple platforms like other cameras, phones, USB card readers, and so on
  • Fujifilm cameras turning off due to battery outage or any other reasons while the pictures / videos are being captured or processed can cause data loss
  • Removing the flash memory card from a Fujifilm camera while the photos or videos are being captured or processed
  • Removing the flash memory card from the Fujifilm camera while the transfer process is ongoing can cause file deletion or corruption
  • Accessing and modifying files on the Fujifilm camera while the same files or folders are open on a PC can cause file erasure or corruption
  • Using the Fujifilm camera while its storage volume is full can also result in file deletions on it

Fujifilm camera data recovery:

When compared to performing data recovery on other types of storage volumes such as a hard disk drive, etc., performing data recovery on a Fujifilm camera from its memory drive is comparatively easier. As a matter of fact, the probabilities for successfully restoring data from a Fujifilm camera from its memory card are much higher using a right data recovery application like Remo Recover because of these features of memory cards:

  • All flash storage devices such as memory cards tend to have lesser storage capacities when compared to hard disk drives
  • Files on the memory cards are usually not fragmented and the flash cards tend to contain similar kinds of files such as pictures and movies only

Simple and effective way of recovering Fujifilm camera files using Remo Recover:

Remo Recover is a highly renowned and powerful data recovery app that can recover Fujifilm data including photos and videos simultaneously. You can easily perform Fujifilm camera data restoration in order to retrieve all important photos and other contents that are deleted / missing using this software.

You need to have these things handy in order to recover photos and videos from your Fujifilm camera:

  • The Fujifilm camera
  • Its memory card
  • A USB cable
  • Windows / Mac running computer
  • Remo Recover software installed

“A week ago I had been to net cafe to save some of the NEF files that were sent by one my friend. This is because that my flash drive was seriously infected by virus and I was not ready it to infect my system. I performed scanning process at the café itself and it showed virus is removed. After coming back home, when I associated flash drive to my system to exchange NEF files, nothing was available in it including previously saved files. I think the purpose for this is untrustworthy antivirus software that has erased all the files from flash drive without giving any notification before deletion of data from flash drive. It is possible to get back those deleted NEF files from flash drive that containing profitable data?”

Completely yes, you can restore missing NEF files from flash drive just using best recovery tool called Remo Recover.

Some of the situations that are responsible for losing NEF files from flash drive are:

Due to Errors – When flash drive is associated with computer for exchanging NEF files, you may get pop up message like drive not formatted. In such circumstances, if users perform formatting process then entire data present it get deleted, if not the flash drive is not fit to anything.

Untrusted Antivirus Software – When flash drives are infected from virus, users typically perform scanning procedure to secure it. During this procedure, if antivirus software erases some of the contaminated NEF files then those files become inaccessible to users.

Corrupted Flash Drive – If flash drive is corrupted then the data including NEF files exhibited in it can’t be accessed. Virus attack, sudden power failure, unreliable third party utilities and so forth are some of the reasons that are responsible for flash drive corruption.

Inaccurate Ejection of Flash Drive – During the NEF files transfer process, if flash drive is uprooted unexpectedly in between the methodology or ejected without utilizing Safe Removal option then it results in data loss.

After losing NEF files from flash drive, first confirm whether you have backup if yes then well and good, if no begin searching best recovery instrument. If you are one among them looking for ideal software, just chill!!! You are in the right page because here you have perfect recovery tool called Remo Recover to perform NEF file recovery on flash drives successfully.

Why only Remo Recover?

With the assistance of Remo Recover, you can recover NEF files from flash drive effectively as it is planned with simple user interface, so new users can also install and run it. This instrument gives 100% data recovery rate and prescribed by industrial experts.

Eye catching features of Remo Recover

• Remo Recover is one of the reliable, secured, free from virus software that can overcome all the data loss situations for restoring missing files from flash drive

• Using inherent effective recovery algorithms, the whole drive can be scanned in few minutes

• Time can be saved by preventing rescanning methodology of drive with the assistance of a feature called Save Recovery Session

• 24*7 technical group will be available to help you for solving issues that happen during recovery process

• Remo Recover also supports recovering other missing data from flash drive. This URL http://www.remorecover.com/mac/how-to-recover-missing-files-from-flash-drive-on-mac.html gives the detailed information about the recovery process

Hey!!! I am a final year student of engineering and my exams begin next week. Because of my bad fortunes, yesterday got to know I have lost one of my study material, went to the friends place and took her USB flash drive in which the delicate duplicate of that book was saved. After coming back home, I began exchanging to my laptop, in the middle of the process I saw there was no battery in my laptop. During that time instead of eject button unintentionally I clicked format option which erased all data displayed in the drive. Is it possible to restore back the deleted data from USB flash drive??

Earlier, the majority of them were dependent on storage devices like JetFlash drive, portable hard drive and so on that makes their user simple to exchange any sort of data within no time. Additionally the user can see to their necessity and utilize the storage devices that will fulfill everything they need. One such gadget that is ordinarily utilized for storing and recovering information is JetFlash drive. Some of the magnificent features of USB flash drive are:

• Designed with a sliding USB connector, abstains from losing USB end caps

• Compact and lightweight

• Provides Transcend Elite data management software

• Supports all the devices regardless of operating system

However, as in all the devices, JetFlash drive also have a tendency to delete data due to numerous reasons like unintentional deletion, wrong use of commands and lot more. To defeat this kind of issues there is an optimal recovery apparatus called Remo Recover utilizing which we can learn how to recover JetFlash pen drive and retrieve deleted data with less time.

Some more reasons behind deletion of data from USB flash drive are:

Human errors

Users when utilizing their USB flash drive for storing or retrieving data must be bit careful. Utilizing wrong options like delete or unintentionally deleting data and so on results in deletion of data.

Virus attack

While exchanging data from JetFlash drive to any electronic device, if the system is already experiencing virus attack it will transfer to your flash drive. Even after scanning process using antivirus software if your USB flash drive is not free from virus, the last choice is to delete the data.

Other reasons

Unexpected removal of JetFlash drive, sudden power misfortune, improper shut down of the system many purposes will be responsible for deleting the data available on JetFlash hard drive.

Why Remo Recover??

• Remo Recover is the best software that could be used for restoring deleted data from JetFlash drive which is suggested by industrial experts

• The whole drive will be examined from this tool to restore deleted data with less time

• Built-in recovery algorithms helps in quick recovery of deleted data

• With the assistance of a feature called Find tool, you can find restored information effectively from vast data list

• The tool also recovers deleted or lost files from Toshiba HDD, Transcend, Iomega, Western Digital, Seagate, Buffalo, etc.

• An option called preview might be utilized to see retrieved information ahead of time before saving on indicated destination

•24*7 technical support will be given if you have any issues during recovery process

• Remo Recover might be utilized to recover lost data from WD passport hard drive and for more information visit the specified URL http://www.remorecover.com/mac/how-to-recover-wd-passport-hard-drive-data.html

Essential points to remember

• Have backup of your essential data

• Use secured antivirus software

• Be cautious, while inserting or removing JetFlash drives

A month ago there was a house warming service at my place, I had saved all the photographs in my PC to safeguard it for long time. One of my relative requested me to get the photographs, so that the unforgettable movements can be shared. During the exchange process from my PNY flash drive to the computer there was crash in the drive because of virus attack and lost all the photographs. Would I be able to restore back my photographs from PNY flash drive??

Yes, completely you can get back those photographs. Nothing to stress!!! Presently let us have a short thought on what is PNY flash drive and how can it be used on Mac??

Mac is one such operating system that supports different brands of flash drive like USB flash drive, PNY flash drive. They are basically used to store and recover information from one device to another device like personal computer, laptops and many more electronic devices. PNY is an American based Multinational Corporation that are indulged in assembling USB flash drives, flash memory cards, solid state drives and so on. In this current world everybody make use PNY flash drive in the data exchange process. Some of the astounding features given by them are smaller in size subsequently the portability won’t be an issue. The speed is high and supports all most all the electronic devices. It can store all the distinctive sorts of files like audio, video, photograph and so on. In some scenarios the PNY flash drive gets corrupted because of numerous reasons. For example, virus infections, sudden power failure, unexpected removal of flash drive yet don’t worry!!! Utilizing the recovery tool called Remo Recover we can restore without much of a stretch and data recovery PNY flash drive in a basic manner.

The regular scenarios behind data loss from PNY flash drive are:

Abrupt ejection of PNY flash drive

PNY flash drive is the at most time utilized for information storing and exchanging with other electronic devices. Throughout the data transfer handle, the flash drive will be associated with the device utilizing USB ports. If by chance the PNY flash drive is removed suddenly the process remains incomplete that results in data loss.

Utilization of third party tools

The Windows operating system permits you to introduce different third party tools to ensure that the system must be free from virus. During the scanning process is if the antivirus software get to know that the file is infected, it just deletes without the prior knowledge to the user resulting in data loss.

Unsuccessful exchange of data

While the exchange process, PNY flash drive and the system will be joined with one another utilizing the USB ports. Some of the intrusions like sudden power disappointment, abrupt shut down of the device and so on may prevent the transfer process to complete from PNY flash drive to the computer then there results in data loss.

Ideal features of Remo Recover

Remo Recover is phenomenal software that might be utilized for USB hard drive recovery Mac in an easy way. It can check the full drive in less time to get back the lost data. Capacity to scan very hard to restore the data from volumes that neglect to mount. The recovery algorithms serve to retrieve the information at the most punctual. Encourages with the feature called Save Recovery Session that avoids from rescanning of the data more than once. With the assistance of a choice called preview the rescued data might be seen ahead of time before saving into the particular location. Supports distinctive sorts of hard drives (SATA, SCSI, IDE), flash drives (SD, MMC and so forth), USB external drives, iPods and so on in getting back the lost files.

Kingston USB sticks are much accepted device and used commonly across the globe in present era because of portability, huge storage potential, attractive looks and so on. It is also known as USB flash drive and frequently used to keep backup of significant information. In spite with these spectacular features, there are some disadvantages as it get corrupt or damage quickly and restrict people to access data or sometimes deletes the info too.

For instance, presume you have connected your Kingston USB stick to computer with regard to transfer precious data in order to maintain endorsement. In the process, if any interruption takes place like sudden power surge or unintended removal can damage the USB stick, makes the files unapproachable and finally results in loss of data. Do you have any idea how to restore lost or missing files from Kingston USB stick? In case, if your respond is “No” then don’t get annoy and feel contented as you are in the exact page, here you will get most proficient application known as Remo Recover to rescue deleted or lost data.

Most Common Scenarios Responsible for Losing Files from Kingston USB Stick are as Follows:

Using Cut Paste Process: While copying data from Kingston USB stick to Windows based machines utilizing cut + paste procedure at that time if unexpected power goes off or any interruption happens then files get delete from origin location and lastly leads to data loss.

Malware or Virus Attack: This is actually the most common reason for losing folders or files from Kingston USB stick. It is the portable gadget hence used for data transfer usage from one system or to another; chances are more that your device may get infected with virus during this process. Once it get infected with virus threats then there is extremely high probability that your data stored in USB stick is lost during the antivirus scanning procedure. If the files or folders are deleted in such a way, then stop regretting yourself and employ Remo Recover software, which is equipped with enough features to restore missing or deleted information with minimum attempt.

Format Error: At times, you may receive a blunder message after linking Kingston USB stick to computer or laptop. Usually, this kind of error message occurs due to corruption or damage concerns, which in turn leads to inaccessibility of information enclosed in it. This error message forces you to format USB stick and finally results in great deal of data loss.

Moreover, there are few more reasons accountable for data loss such as unexpected removal, unintended deletion of files from USB sticks, file system corruption, improper reformatting, unintended formatting, interruption in reformatting process and so on. After facing any of these reasons then initial things you need is to look after lost data from Kingston USB stick should not be overwritten means immediately stop usage of appliance make use of Remo Recover program to get back missing or deleted info utmost ease.

Advance Features of Remo Recover on Kingston USB Stick:

The application is designed with excellent algorithms to scan and to rescue erased or lost files from Kingston USB stick in brief time. By utilizing this tool, you can recover all types of file formats like images, games, audios, videos, text documents etc. Next to recovery of Kingston USB stick, the program supports recovery of data from other brands such as Transcend, HP, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba etc. utmost ease. In the event, if you do not know how to recover deleted videos from memory card then hit the preceding hyperlink to detail information.

In current era, losing precious files and folders from Sony flash drive is a common issue among computer users across the world. As majority of the users carry Sony flash drive wherever they travel because of its portability and can enclose huge amount of data in it. Therefore, losing significant files from Sony flash drive is intolerable. There are several reasons through which data stored on Sony flash drive may get delete or lost. Are you the one like others who is seeking for the solution to restore lost files from it? If your reply is yes, then no requirement to get annoy because with the help of trustworthy flash drive recovery software, you can easily rescue lost files.

Reasons behind Lost or Deletion of Files from Sony Flash Drive are as Follows:

  • Unintentional deletion of files while deleting needless files from Sony flash drive
  • Due to severe virus attack files get corrupt in Sony flash drive and finally results in data loss
  • Suddenly ejecting the device in between transferring process
  • Improper handling of Sony flash drive sometimes results in data loss
  • If Sony flash drive file system get corrupt then you have to face wide range of data loss and many more reasons

If you ever, come across any of these reasons then stay relax and empower Remo recover software to resolve all the issues with few clicks of mouse.

Concise Prologue about Remo Recover software on Sony Flash Drive

This is the proficient flash drive recovery tool so that you can effortlessly perform Sony flash drive recovery and supports other brands flash drives with ease to get back data from it. Furthermore, you can carry out file recovery from memory cards, external hard disk drive, iPods, etc. on Windows operating system by making use of this program. The tool performs deep scan of Sony flash drive to get back missing, lost or deleted files within a short span of time without any difficulty. This utility enables you to preview the obtained result before restoring them to desired location. The application offers you an option known as “Save Recovery Session” here you can resume or stop the recovery process as per your schedule.

Are you thinking whether it is possible to recover web history by utilizing this software? Yes off course, you can rescue deleted Web history with the aid of Remo recover software, shocked! Don’t be, because whenever you install web browser usually the files get created on “C” drive, so it is easy to get back deleted or corrupted installed folder on Windows OS. For further info, click this link http://www.remorecover.com/need-help/can-i-recover-deleted-webhistory.html

Accommodating Tips to Evade Data Loss from Sony Flash Drive

  • Before formatting Sony flash drive make sure that you have precious files backup or the data enclosed in it are no more useful
  • On regular interval of period, scan your Sony flash drive with authorized antivirus software to get clear from virus infection
  • After losing files from Sony flash drive, most importantly do not save fresh data
  • Don’t attach your Sony flash drive to PC that does not support the flash drive file system
  • Respond rapidly to restore lost files from Sony flash drive
  • Finally yet importantly, maintain significant files backup on external memory to have it effortlessly in case of data loss from Sony flash drive